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Unheard of, until now.

PeopleInsight workforce analytics is making waves and leading an industry which has focused on features, functions and HR technologies that simply transact. For us, it's not about the transactions, it's about the decisions - people and business decisions that create value.
That's why we're leading the charge in helping organizations untap value into their frequently underutilized and always complex data – across HR, Talent Acquisition and the business.
No solution compares to our cloud-based and highly affordable insight-as-a-service people analytics offering deployed within 48 hours… let us show you why.

Feeling data-rich but insight poor?


You’re not alone. In fact, it’s a common theme among HR professionals and executives and we hear about it all the time. We call it the Universal Problem. It happens when, despite an abundance of HR data, there are challenges bringing it together, making connections across systems, and making sense of it to drive better business outcomes. We created PeopleInsight as a solution to this problem. With a simple upload of your people and business data, PeopleInsight connects and integrates your data and delivers it to you in simple, beautiful and insightful visuals. Not only does this provide you with deep insight into the people-side of the organization, but you are equipped with the tools and information to tell the story, engage stakeholders, and make a difference for the employees, the organization and you.


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 Universal Problem. Resolved.



Move over spreadsheets, insight is here!


We created PeopleInsight to help HR professionals and executives rise above the limitations and confusion of their many disconnected spreadsheets. PeopleInsight seamlessly connects your system data and serves it up beautifully so you can easily understand your workforce data, communicate confidently with stakeholders, make decisions and take action towards improved people and business performance.

See why our clients love it.



Ongoing Expert Guidance 

Unlike the love ‘em and leave ‘em approach of traditional Software-as-a-Service solutions, we’ve designed PeopleInsight differently and we call this Insight-as-a-Service. It may be unconventional but we want to stay connected with our clients and we want to spend time with them. We’re excited by their data, their challenges, their opportunities, and we want to add value. That’s why, as part of our solution, we offer regular insight reviews geared to help you get the most out of PeopleInsight and your people and business data.  Our experts work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your analytics continually align to business priorities. We help you identify patterns, understand trends and develop action plans based on your changing strategies and people dynamics. If we do our job right you’ll come to consider us an indispensable partner and a new BFF – and we like that.
Insight as a service.

No business case required.


Don’t be put off by the thought of having to build a complex business case for approvals. We remove all the barriers and make it easy to get started. In fact, most of our clients start the 30-day free trial and find that the solution sells itself within the organization. One meeting with executives using PeopleInsight to highlight your people data and you’ll experience your executives wanting more. However, if you need help getting started with the trial here are a few messages we’ve learned can have an impact: 


Low Monthly Fee. Off-the-Charts Value. Imagine eliminating days or weeks per month spent mining and muscling around in spreadsheets. Now, imagine filling that time with strategic thinking, decision-making and action-taking. For many of our clients, the fact that PeopleInsight frees them up to do this is priceless. More than just time-savings, PeopleInsight delivers outstanding value by giving our clients fresh and powerful insight that has the ability to elevate people performance and productivity, save money, and raise the profile of HR and Talent Acquisition.


Works with Any Software. We know all clients are different and we embrace that. That’s why we built PeopleInsight to work with any and all software systems. No matter which standalone, enterprise, ERP, HRIS, ATS or other data source you’re using, it’s no problem. We get along with everyone. PeopleInsight requires no changes to your infrastructure, no software downloads, and no need for IT to worry. We don’t touch your systems because that's complex, expensive and unnecessary. You just upload your data and we do the rest. Complex for us, but smooth-like-butter for you.


Fully secure. Security and Privacy are our prime concerns when it comes to your data and we take extensive measures to protect it.

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Why PeopleInsight?


It’s simple really. We want our clients to feel like they are the luckiest in the world and we go out of our way to make sure they do. We make workforce analytics easy, beautiful, actionable and accessible. We continually deliver astounding insight and we prop this up with stellar client service. Our goal is to help position our clients so they can inform, influence, make a difference and stand out in their organizations. Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it, check out what some of our awesome clients have to say... 

Kim Carter_MLSE

Kim Carter

Head of Human Resources, MLSE

"With PeopleInsight we're developing and executing our HR Strategy based on numbers and facts. With our evolving analytics, we can very clearly measure success in areas of the strategy and drive the business forward."

Headshot of Rachel Jacobson

Rachel Jacobson

VP, Human Resources, Quickplay Media

"PeopleInsight has put critical information at our fingertips. Having access to robust workforce analytics makes it so much easier to gain support for HR initiatives. The data lends a powerful credibility and important decisions that might otherwise take months can be accelerated into days or even hours."

Headshot of Sylvie Sarault

Sylvie Sarault

HR Director, The National Gallery of Canada

"PeopleInsight is extremely visual, it is quick, and I can easily break down my data to a granular level. I can slice and dice our data any way I want in a matter of seconds… I can project for trends."

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

VP, Human Resources, JOEY Restaurant Group

"What feels right will always be the cornerstone of our decision making. However, having powerful data to challenge and support our gut ensures we are making the best decision. PeopleInsight operates as a strategic partner in unleashing the gold within the data that is right under your nose."

Free 30-day trial.

 Free Trial

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. Well it isn’t. It’s real. We’ll give you a full month to explore and start seeing and using your data in ways you never imagined. And we’ll be with you throughout – our insight reviews help you make the most of your 30 days and get the most from your data. We’ll help you create killer dashboards that will make a difference. No catches. No hidden anything. Just freedom from spreadsheets and incredible, actionable insight. Guaranteed to amaze, empower and delight.

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