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Workforce Analytics at work: Achieving Objectives and Realizing Outcomes [Part 1]

In this week’s 5 Minute Friday, we’re taking a look at the first and most critical step in kickstarting your analytics journey to bring value to your business – identifying and prioritizing your business objectives.

We also look at the importance of starting small and keeping a tight focus on one or two top areas of HR analytics. With so much data available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to start - that’s why precision focus on top business priorities is key. 

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Data Driven HR in your company, led by your HR professionals [5MF]

Over the past few months, I have had many similar conversations with customers. The talk track goes something like this:


  1. “We love PeopleInsight.
  2. We’ve made great progress with analytics across our functional leads and HR operations - and are now managing our recruitment pipeline, headcount growth and impacts of turnover with easy and powerful access to the facts.
  3. We now need our business partners (or line of business deployed talent team members) to follow suit. They need to start using our HR data to drive material business value and better talent outcomes.”
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Two Simple Secrets to Success [5 Minute Friday]

When it comes to launching and gaining momentum in people analytics, you must:

  1. Focus on a juicy business issue, and
  2. Use simple math as opposed to advanced math, statistics and rocket science.

That’s it, that’s all. Pretty simple.

For more details, check out this delicious infographic and focus on the beef!

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DIY People Analytics with a Huge Impact [5 Minute Friday]

A few times a year I have the pleasure of facilitating continuing professional development workshops on workforce analytics. A few weeks ago, I received in my inbox the kind of feedback everyone who does this sort of thing hopes for – a story of how the workshop, its ideas, and its tools made their way to practical use in an organization.

It’s a story worth sharing. I think it can help the many people who are looking for a way to get started with their workforce data but don’t know where to start. This organization, for the record, does not run PeopleInsight nor any other advanced platform for business intelligence.  

It shows how a smaller organization (<500 employees) can work with their existing systems, data & desktop tools - combined with initiative, analytical capabilities, and a focus on key areas of interest (we call them juicy business issues), to reach real business outcomes.   

Topics: 5 Minute Fridays