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Are you a fit for a Workforce Analytics PurePlay? [5 Minute Friday]

Full disclosure: we're cheating a little bit this week and our 5 Minute Friday is a bit longer. In fact, we've stretched it by 15 minutes. Yesterday our co-founders Steve Johnson and John Pensom, hosted a short webinar to explore the Workforce Analytics PurePlay and provided 7 questions to ask yourself to see if you/your company is a fit for this approach to HR analytics and reporting.  

We've summarized the key points (consumable in 5 minutes) in a short slide deck, but if you're interested in the full story, you can watch the online conversation here, on your own time.

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HR Ops - Workforce Analytics PurePlay [5 Minute Friday]

A key issue faced by HRIS/HR Ops is the lack of data integration across a company’s HR Tech landscape. Most could benefit from spending less time in the complexities of connecting the data, and more time at the level of analysis, interpretation and delivering reports that stakeholders want. But it’s not easy to do it alone with home-grown approaches to analytics and reporting. And when you’re mid-market in size, there aren’t always big budgets or internal resources with the capability (or time) to buy/ build the solution you need.
Here is an infographic introducing the Workforce Analytics PurePlay - a solution that can address these challenges:
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HR Ops - We Feel Your Pain [5 Minute Friday]

If you’re in HR, chances are, you feel the pain of disconnected HR, talent and productivity data. Most do.

We get it.  

  • We know that home-grown HR Reporting & Analytics is complex and risky given how disconnected the data usually is.
  • We also know that HR metrics and algorithm development requires perfection.
  • It’s easy to get bogged down by the mundane and time-consuming task of data crunching and have little time for work at the level of analysis and reporting.

Putting it all together, these challenges can be a real pain. Take a look at this visual where we share our perspective on the universal and head-to-toe pain in HR Ops and how to overcome it.

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HR Ops - So many audiences. So little time. [5 Minute Friday]

If you have an analytics role within HR Ops, you’ve, no doubt, got requests coming at you all the time and you are juggling many responsibilities. 


Three of the biggest are:  

  1. crunching data, and along with this data credibility, quality, validity
  2. pulling data together, analyzing and visualizing the data (this is the “data + judgement = problem solving” space)
  3. communicating with your different stakeholders (storytelling).

We can probably all agree, number 1 is the biggest time sink, the least fun, and the one area that you’d be better to hand over to someone else. Just think, without the heaviness of data crunching and manual manipulations, how much time you could spend at the value-add levels of 2 and 3. We’ve got the balance all wrong.

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