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  PeopleInsight - built to integrate all your disparate HR and Talent data, and deliver end-to-end reporting and analytics.  

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The Universal Problem results in cobbled-together spreadsheets which don’t stand steady when it comes to data integrity, multiple data sources and powerful segmentation. Fortunately, we believe HR should be doing HR, not spreadsheets and tackling this issue is PeopleInsight’s exclusive focus.

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PeopleInsight doesn’t discriminate when it comes to data source or system. You can be running HR Tech from any platform including Workday, SAP, ORACLE, PeopleSoft, Halogen, Taleo, ADP, SuccessFactors, Ultipro, Greenhouse or something home-grown – it simply doesn’t matter to us. We’re data source agnostic, experts in HR data, and we make the connections so you can see your data with ease, clarity and purpose.

You just feed us your raw data from any system and we do the rest.

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We make it simple. 

Workforce analytics is complex and hard to get right. We agree, and while there are many layers of complexity to our analytics solution, making your life simple is key to everything we do.

 Our business model is focused entirely on this. You just feed us your raw, disconnected data from any system and we do the rest.  

Unbelievable? Try it for yourself.

Just like a managed service for workforce analytics

- Bersin by Deloitte

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PeopleInsight provides us an access to our collective data that we've not had before. The analytics, dashboards and reports enable us to see meaningful connections across the data. 

PeopleInsight acts as a strategic partner in unleashing the gold in the data that is under your nose." 

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin, VP Human Resources, 
JOEY Restaurant Group

Senior Executives & CxOs 

Senior Executives like to view top-of-the-house numbers with a focus and cadence that fits your business. You are constantly looking to drive new value from your organization so you need flexible, powerful and business focused information to help you understand the people side of business outcomes.

Head of HR, People & Talent

You need to understand both the efficiency and effectiveness of your end-to-end operations. You need data to come together from multiple sources into a single view of the truth so you can make people investments that matter.

Teams Focused on Talent, Recruitment, Compensation, Learning, etc.

Functional Teams require deep analytical capabilities into your domain of HR and Talent - you need slice-and-dice segmentation, historical trending, rate calculations, forecasting and advanced analytics which connect to business outcomes to ensure your programs deliver strong ROI.

HRIS & Talent Systems, Reporting & Operations

As an HR Systems and data guru, you know first-hand how hard HR data preparation and consolidation can be related to both your monthly reporting and increasingly complex ad-hoc requests. We believe your role should be more focused on using your data to drive business value, than preparing your data.

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