Title:  Unlock the Potential of Talent Analytics in Mid-Market Companies

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Description: All Talent Leaders need access to timely and relevant information to support decisions and drive performance. To advance their analytics capabilities, HR organizations need resources – in terms of talent, systems, and budgets.  However, for many mid-market firms, it doesn’t make sense to have these resources in-house.

To pull together the data and analytics that matter, leaders in mid-market companies (500 to 5000 employees) face unique challenges. In many cases, getting to information and insights consumes too much of team members’ time, and oftentimes this information is static or stale.  With disconnected data it is difficult to get to foundational analytics, let alone handle ad-hoc or changing business questions.  This impacts conversations leaders can have with the business and outcomes they can deliver. 

Access this webcast to learn how mid-market companies can unlock the potential of their data and team by collaborating with an external analytics partner to enable a shift in focus from data manipulation to improved decision-making.   Andrew Martin, VP of Human Resources at JOEY Restaurant Group will share his experiences using analytics to drive better business outcomes.

In this webinar you'll  learn:

  • The path to an effective analytics function, and how companies can accelerate their capabilities
  • How mid-market firms can recognize value from analytics  - without a huge investment in time, resources or money
  • How the HR team at JOEY Restaurant Group is equipping executives with data and analytics to support conversations and enable better decision making 

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