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Your New HR Tech Can't Deliver the Reporting and Analytics You Need

It’s Been 2 Years Since We Implemented Our New HR Tech, and We Still Don’t Have the Reporting & Analytics We Need!”

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California’s New Pay Reporting Law- Why SHRM Opposes It & How It Impacts Businesses

by John Pensom, CEO & Co-Founder


Surprisingly (or some might say, predictably), SHRM were the key voice on-record staunchly opposed to California’s new Pay Reporting law.The reason for..

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HRBP Data-Driven Playbook - Summary

It's here!! Our playbook (4 of them actually) to help HR Business Partners become data driven. 

Get your copy here or read-on for our synopsis to see if it's of value to you and your..

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Sustainable People Analytics - See it. Own it. Live it.

This week we move on to the idea of sustainability – and the importance of building your HR/people analytics capability so that it is ongoing and evolving, not a one-off project. 

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Capabilities for HR Analytics Success (Data Integrity)

This week we’ll tackle the importance of Data Integrity in successful people analytics.  This is an excerpt from our Playbook 3 – A Practical Guide to Becoming Data Driven.

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Capabilities for HR Analytics Success (Source Systems)

This week we’ll tackle the second of our four anchor capabilities required for success in analytics: Source Systems, Processes & Data Integrity. This is an excerpt from our Playbook 3 – A..

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Capabilities for HR Analytics Success (Governance, Strategy & Focus)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just plunk in an HR analyst, build an HR analytics function, or buy a slick piece of technology, and we’d reap the rewards – capability in analytics, improved..

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Competencies for HR Analytics Success

We continue exploring the pieces that need to be in place in and around HR analytics in order to be successful. Last week we looked at the building blocks of an HR culture where analytics can..

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Building an HR culture where analytics can thrive

We hear it all the time and we get it – HR needs to continue to build proficiency in analytics. However, it’s not enough to just hire an analytics expert or get your first analytics project off..

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You’d be crazy to build an HR Data Warehouse


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