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HR Data Locked Away in Disparate Systems? Part 1

A key issue faced by HR is the lack of data integration across a company’s HR Tech landscape. Most could benefit from spending less time in the complexities of connecting the data, and more time..

People Analytics Helps HR Focus on Value

Data-driven HR means connecting people data to business outcomes data to drive better people and workforce decisions. These decisions can be material if you know where to look. Here's..

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Finance’s data doesn’t match HR’s. Who is to blame?

In this week's 5 Minute Friday, we have David Creelman, CEO of Creelman Research as our guest blogger. 

Your New HR Tech Can't Deliver the Reporting and Analytics You Need

It’s Been 2 Years Since We Implemented Our New HR Tech, and We Still Don’t Have the Reporting & Analytics We Need!”

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California’s New Pay Reporting Law- Why SHRM Opposes It & How It Impacts Businesses

by John Pensom, CEO & Co-Founder


Surprisingly (or some might say, predictably), SHRM were the key voice on-record staunchly opposed to California’s new Pay Reporting law.The reason for..

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HRBP Data-Driven Playbook - Summary

It's here!! Our playbook (4 of them actually) to help HR Business Partners become data driven. 

Get your copy here or read-on for our synopsis to see if it's of value to you and your..

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Sustainable People Analytics - See it. Own it. Live it.

This week we move on to the idea of sustainability – and the importance of building your HR/people analytics capability so that it is ongoing and evolving, not a one-off project. 

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Capabilities for HR Analytics Success (Data Integrity)

This week we’ll tackle the importance of Data Integrity in successful people analytics.  This is an excerpt from our Playbook 3 – A Practical Guide to Becoming Data Driven.

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Capabilities for HR Analytics Success (Source Systems)

This week we’ll tackle the second of our four anchor capabilities required for success in analytics: Source Systems, Processes & Data Integrity. This is an excerpt from our Playbook 3 – A..

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Capabilities for HR Analytics Success (Governance, Strategy & Focus)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just plunk in an HR analyst, build an HR analytics function, or buy a slick piece of technology, and we’d reap the rewards – capability in analytics, improved..

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