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Why is the Management, Warehousing and Reporting of HR Data so Complex?

In our opinion, there are two aspects that make data management, warehousing, and reporting  of HR data, and therefore, ...
July 09, 2021 John Pensom

Turnover Treemap: PeopleInsight's Top HR Dashboards

The Turnover Treemap  
May 07, 2021 John Pensom

Candidate Pipeline: PeopleInsight's Top HR Dashboards

The Candidate Pipeline  
April 30, 2021 John Pensom

Diversity Dashboard: PeopleInsight's Top HR Dashboards

The Diversity Dashboard  
April 23, 2021 John Pensom

Executive Scorecard: PeopleInsight's Top HR Dashboards

The Executive Scorecard  
April 16, 2021 John Pensom

John Pensom speaks Big Data Analytics at the Eagle Tech Talks Podcast

PeopleInsight CEO and Co-Founder John Pensom was a guest in the Eagle Tech Talks Podcast with Morley Surcon. In this ...
March 26, 2021 John Pensom

Helping Recruitment Professionals Better Understand IT

March 12, 2021 John Pensom

PeopleInsight 2020: Top Resources and Highlights

As 2020 comes to a close. We at PeopleInsight wanted to gather our top resources throughout the year. Come check out ...
December 18, 2020 John Pensom

HR Ops - So many audiences. So little time.

If you have an analytics role within HR Ops, you’ve, no doubt, got requests coming at you all the time and you are ...
December 10, 2020 John Pensom

HR Data Locked Away in Disparate Systems? Part 2

A key issue faced by HR is the lack of data integration across a company’s HR Tech landscape. Most could benefit from ...
December 04, 2020 John Pensom

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