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How HR Business Partners Can Become Data Driven

It's here!! Our playbook (4 of them actually) to help HR Business Partners become data driven. 

Get your copy here or read-on for our synopsis to see if it's of value to you and your organization. 

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A Few Observations from HR Tech Conf 2017

After spending the last few days in Vegas at the HR Tech Conference, and feeling a wee bit tired (a little sleep deprived maybe??), here are a few off-the-cuff observations: 

Topics: 5 Minute Fridays

Women and HR Tech - Accelerating People Analytics

The HR Tech Conference in Vegas next week features a half day event -  Women in HR Technology. I thought I’d piggyback on this theme with a feature of our own related to women and HR Technology. 

So, this week it’s my pleasure to showcase two of our customers – Erin Dunstan of Sysmex and Méline Van Slyke of CBRE, both trailblazing HR leaders. These two understand that HR Tech is one of the most important tools they can leverage in support of their efforts in building strong organizations. They also understand the challenges associated with the lack of data integration across the HR Tech landscape.  

Topics: 5 Minute Fridays

Best Practices for Quarterly Reporting

Over the past two weeks we’ve talked about HR Reporting and offered some tips on how to make your reporting as effective as it can be.  

First we introduced 3 questions that should be asked of any reporting that is done with a regular cadence - monthly, quarterly, annually - where you can get into the habit of "same old, same old". The questions we posed were designed to get you thinking about your reporting and whether it could be more effective.

Last week we offered up our top tips - 4 Do’s and 1 Don’t to help you flesh out your reporting to ensure it resonates with your audience.

This week we cap off the topic with an example of some of the scorecards and analytic views that might be included in a Quarterly Report.  We’ll enlist some mock scenarios and our demo data to take you through the visuals we’ve chosen to showcase.

Topics: 5 Minute Fridays