3 Powerful Ways to Wow Your Execs With People Analytics (Part 1)

Your Executive’s Lens re: People and Workforce Analytics

In our business, we get to work with many executives, from HR to the business, in making sense of their HR and talent data.

While we consider our clients to be innovative and leading edge, one commonality we see across many executives is that they look at workforce data from two distinct angles. 

Firstly, the “what about me/my team/my organization?” syndrome plays out here and there’s a keen interest in seeing the numbers from their own line of business or functional perspective. In addition to that, they’ll look at the overall corporate view.

Narrow, and deep. Macro and micro. Mine and ours. Enterprise and silo.


Whatever the specific scenario or sequence of events, this natural occurrence translates into the need for a People Analytics capability:

  • Which has a single VIEW of the truth
  • Which has data connected from multiple HR and business sources so that the business can speak one common language when it comes to its people
    That provides a capability within HR to be not only people-first, but also business focused. And that’s so important for HR delivering credible, confident and relevant talent solutions for the business, and lastly
  • Given skin-deep insight isn’t good enough and aggregated stats and data can be used to support misleading storylines, the ability to dig deep into the data, to the lowest level of transactional granularity to segment and engage in conversations that really matter – like turnover of your top performers in their first year of service versus average turnover across the organization last quarter.

Now that we’ve established these base needs for Executives when it comes to workforce analytics, in the next 3 blogs I’ll share some specific examples of my favorites – and explain why I think they should be your favorites too.

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