3 Powerful Ways to Wow Your Execs With People Analytics (Part 2)

The Executive Scorecard

Today, I’m going to introduce you to The Executive Scorecard.

The Executive Scorecard is designed to deliver, at-a-glance, the most insightful and business-relevant data, with trends, color indicators and the ability for both left- and right-brained Executives to instantly understand and self-interpret.

The objective is a balanced, yet people-first view – usually aligned to corporate strategy and business plan execution – and the best ones always include some notion of financial data in addition to helping articulate the people-side of business outcomes – frequently related to people productivity and utilization.

The data will most likely be coming from numerous data sources, and aggregated for the overall, enterprise perspective.
While many technology investments have promised a “single source of the truth” over the past 10-15 years, very few have been able to deliver a single source of the truth that can actually run analytics! No surprise, these technologies were primarily designed for transactional purposes, versus business intelligence.

We look at it a different way at PeopleInsight.
Being a pure-play for workforce analytics, and given the reality that most organizations never actually realised the benefits which 'single source of the truth' systems were supposed to deliver in terms of decision-making, there’s a massive need to act as the consolidator of that disparate HR, talent and people-productivity data – which may actually live out in your front-line business applications.
Our approach is to enable the single view of the truth – one which transacts efficiently, affordably and is simply fed by your more-than-likely disjointed technology landscape. Remember, you selected best-of-breed for many reasons – the downfall is it’s traditionally been tough and expensive to bring all that data together for analytics and decision-making.
So we got very good at spreadsheets. But we know they tap-out quite quickly and there’s many points of failure.

So with this single, secure and interactive view of the truth enabled through The Executive Dashboard – it makes it easier to track and engage in the key storylines that, period-on-period, you and your Executive Committee will want continuous line of sight.

Last time, I introduced the notion of Executive-level Workforce Analytics (i.e., your C-Suite, your Management and Executive Committees, etc) being a single view of the truth, enabling a common language when speaking about your workforce and people performance, being credible and business focused, and enabling deep dives into areas that matter.

In my next blog, you’ll see another great choice – the Monthly Summary Dashboard – which helps drive a common language, dialog and footing across HR, Finance and the Lines of Business.

Or, you can watch this brief demo of my Top 3 Executive Dashboards right now:



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