3 Powerful Ways to Wow Your Execs With People Analytics (Part 3)

The Monthly Summary Dashboard

In my last blog I spoke about disconnected data, the failed promise of the single SOURCE of the truth, and some characteristics of The Executive Scorecard we find work really well.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how driving towards one common language, across HR, Finance and the Lines of Business is essential. This can be enabled through the highly interactive, multi-dimensional Monthly Summary Dashboard for your people (which, in and of itself, can come in endless variations).

As you drill into the specifics of your headcount, your payroll, your overtime expenditures and departmental actuals to budgets, you’ll need a more flexible dashboard with slice-and-dice capabilities, with visualizations and color schemes that work for you.

This enables you to go deeper, with data connected from different sources like your HRIS, payroll and financial systems – and very quickly answer that question for the VP of Operations – how many voluntary terminations did she have this past month? Is the Mid-West operation burning too much overtime this month? Is our contractor spend imbalanced in our Pacific region? How about overtime for our Mid-West contact centre team?

At the end of the day, these are totally basic needs – and the canary in the coalmine for many organizational issues and improvements. This level of insight is one every Executive should have her or his hands on.

In HR, in collaboration with Finance, we must find a better way to deliver this information in a consistent, powerful and flexible way.

Here’s an example of a Monthly Summary Dashboard that’s both insightful and powerful – enabling lines of business to better understand where they stand this month, not last quarter.


This singular example of a connection point between HR and Finance helps to bridge to my next blog – one which digs into more details on how HR can use your workforce data to be much more business-focused.  We'll take one particular example of a dashboard that does just that: the Vacancy Opportunity Dashboard - which provides insight into the financial impact of on-time recruitment.


For an all-in-one overview of the Top Executive Dashboards, you can watch the brief 6-minute video:



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