4 Ways to Better Hiring Results With Analytics (Part 1)

It can be a challenge to clearly understand where to invest to improve how you attract, progress and hire quality candidates. While there’s a ton of data available it isn’t always the right level to inform decisions. A deeper look at your candidate data can tell you where to focus your attention and investment to deliver timely, predictable, high-quality hires to the business. 

Analytics can help. But how can you get started when your team already seems maxed out with their daily activities and you cringe just thinking of the state of some of your data?

Remember, analytics are a journey. The key to getting started is to jump in – with a goal in mind.

Over the next four blog posts, I want to share with you the key steps so you can get started today

Step 1: Tie Analytics To Hiring Results

  • Where are you struggling to attract, progress, and hire quality candidates as quickly as your business needs?
  • Do you see a large pool of candidates for some roles – and yet you can’t seem to find candidates that fit the interview criteria?
  • Are some roles staying open a lot longer than expected in some geographies yet filling quickly in others?
  • Do you know which recruiting sources are providing the highest-quality candidates?


Candidate Pipeline Analytics: Take a page from the sales and marketing playbook

If you’re looking to improve your ability to progress a quality applicant to close, candidate pipeline analytics can help. These analytics will examine how candidates progress through the various recruiting stages, highlighting what’s working – and what’s not - through the process.

While candidate pipeline analytics may be a new approach in recruiting, these analytics have been proven to be effective for sales and marketing teams. Sales and marketing teams often struggle with finding those high-quality leads – and progressing them efficiently to close the deal. They use pipeline analytics to give the visibility to know where they are being effective – and ultimately if they are progressing fast enough to meet their business objectives.

Candidate pipeline analytics provide the same type of insight – focused instead on your candidate pool and the ability to move the high-quality candidates to hire.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series next Wednesday where I’ll dive into why it’s all about the “stage” when it comes to your pipeline.

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