4 Ways to Better Hiring Results With Analytics (Part 3)

In the last two blog posts I shared the first step in getting more out of your candidate data by tying your analytics to hiring results (Part 1, Part 2). Today I want to share with you Step 3 - Dive Into the Data.

If you are cringing when we mention data, take a quick step back to understand what data is actually needed in order to do the analytics. To be able to use candidate analytics, the focus needs to be on collecting the data required to analyze the stages and segments that are important to your business. If cleanup is required, focus on the key segments first and gradually move to the next step.

There are three types of data required to be able to analyze the volume and conversion rates in your candidate pipeline: candidate pipeline process data, requisition data, and candidate data.


This is the baseline data required to build the baseline set of analytics to drive insight into how well you attract, progress and hire quality candidates.

Watch the blog for the last post on Part 4 next week



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