4 Ways to Better Hiring Results With Analytics (Part 4)

We’ve shared with you the first 3 steps to getting more out of your Candidate data by tying your analytics to hiring results and diving into the data. (See Parts 1, 2, 3 here if you're getting caught up.) Today I want to share with you the final step - Step 4 - Refine The Results.

Once you review and share the initial results, you will likely want to further refine the analytic views to tailor to your needs. 



• Are there specific views/filters that need to be added to support your business process?

• Are there questions that came up as you shared the results that need additional views?

Often we see questions evolve quickly after seeing the results for the first time. With this foundation in place, refining the results to segment by a new area or add a new analytic view can also occur very quickly.

With the analytic foundation, there is also an opportunity to tackle the next business priority or take the analytics to the next level – tying candidate information to employee progression. This is where we can take the analysis beyond the quality candidate to look at candidate characteristics in a quality hire. For example, what are the recruiting sources for your high performing employees? In future how-to-guides we will dig into the analytics and data required to drive quality analysis from candidate to hire.

Bringing It All Together

Getting started with candidate analytics can be daunting – with lots of data and no time to dive in to figure out how to use it effectively to improve your ability to attract, progress and hire quality candidates.

Using a three step process prioritized by key business questions ensures you can get started quickly and evolve over time.

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