Data Driven HR in your company, led by your HR professionals [5MF]

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Over the past few months, I have had many similar conversations with customers. The talk track goes something like this:


  1. “We love PeopleInsight.
  2. We’ve made great progress with analytics across our functional leads and HR operations - and are now managing our recruitment pipeline, headcount growth and impacts of turnover with easy and powerful access to the facts.
  3. We now need our business partners (or line of business deployed talent team members) to follow suit. They need to start using our HR data to drive material business value and better talent outcomes.”


  1. “We love you too. We really do. You bring joy to our team every day.
  2. Awesome. Let’s get to work. In doing so, I can dust off some of my old transformation consulting skills (where I cut my teeth many moons ago) and help companies drive sustainable, business focused change in the form of becoming data driven within HR.
  3. We need to help you focus on three things:
    1. Firstly, we need to help you identify the specific areas of focus or use cases that matter to you - something we call “finding the juicy business opportunities”.
    2. Secondly, we need to help you advance the capability of your company to implement data driven HR.
    3. Lastly, and certainly, not least, we need to help your HR & Talent Professionals develop their competency in data driven HR.”

While everybody has side projects, this very quickly became a prime focus for me - so I’ve started on this with some of our customers with the goal of helping them accomplish this - and also in writing a White Paper (Version 1), which can act as a practical guide for others, and will be infused with case studies (anyone else interested in sharing/participating - let me know!), on how HR Teams can truly become data driven.

Upcoming 5 Minute Fridays will drop into snippets of this applied research and White Paper progress, so if you have anything to offer, would like to be involved somehow (maybe some research calls??), would like to share your opinion, PLEASE, PLEASE do so.

In case you didn't know, we’ve got a TON of great downloads and infographics in our Resources Library. Check them out here. They focus on using data to make smarter hiring decisions, retain key talent, and connect people performance to business performance.

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