Faster, Smarter, Better Hiring  Decisions  [5 Minute Friday]

In this blog, we examine the ways in which a deeper look at your recruitment, channel, candidate, and new hire data can:

  • deliver visibility into the effectiveness of your efforts and;
  • pinpoint where focus and investment is needed.

We start by discussing one of the questions we get asked a lot in terms of analytics and reporting: Can't my ATS provide the analytics I need?

Spoiler alert: The answer is no.  Your ATS - on its own - cannot provide the level of insight you need to measure against objectives and demonstrate value to the business.  You need the insight that comes from connections between process and outcomes data. Talent Acquisition Analytics delivers the visibility you need and can pinpoint precisely where you need to focus.

Check out this infographic where we deep dive into why and how an investment in Talent Acquisition Analytics will deliver results your ATS, on its own, cannot. 


Can't wait for the infographics - get them all here: Candidate Analytics, Channel Effectiveness, and Recruitment Surveys. 

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