A Deeper Look at Gender Pay Equity [5 Minute Friday]

The gender pay gap has been much in the news lately as well as on the minds of the CEO and CHROs.  It's an issue that exists at the intersection of state/federal legislation, social values/ethics, and the economic realization that gender pay equity is good for business.  

Check out this page where we outline the foundational metrics and analytics you need to understand where your organization sits with respect to gender pay equity. This foundational level is largely about compliance.  Of course, it's important to move beyond the basics and beyond compliance, so we also explore how to use your workforce data to segment deeper, move beyond the vanity metrics, to tell a more complete story and articulate the net impact of gender pay equity/inequity. Click here to go to the detailed webpage. 

Want to get right to it?  Here is a 4 minute video, exploring gender pay equity analytics in PeopleInsight. 

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