Have your say on the People Analytics landscape: Apples, Oranges & Kumquats

Over the past few years, every HR Tech vendor seems to be claiming they deliver some notion of people analytics.

While it's true that every HR Tech vendor ultimately generates HR and people data, it's my ardent belief that many of them are not, in fact, delivering people analytics - far from it in many cases.
And I'm not the only one who thinks that.
It's for this reason, while attending the People Analytics and Future of Work conference last week, I was very excited to hear about an upcoming research initiative from long-time workforce planning and analytics research analyst, Stacia Garr from RedThread Research.
I first spoke with Stacia about our industry in 2013 when she was leading this research segment for Bersin by Deloitte - and since then, a whopping 6 years later, things have changed a lot in this area.
This includes the way businesses want to quantify people productivity, understand and propagate culture, hire smarter, retain key talent, and connect people performance to business performance.
And what comes from that increased demand for data driven HR from businesses and practitioners?  A burgeoning People Analytics tech market.
But the result of an accelerating People Analytics tech landscape is an onslaught of product marketing messaging, noise and jostling for position - ultimately causing confusion within an emerging marketplace.
Hence my excitement to hear that this is one of the areas that Stacia and her team are doubling-down on.
Among other things, I'm curious to understand the taxonomy and segmentation which the RedThread team define - so we can start to clarify what's fish, fowl or fruit. 
Know what's a Red Delicious, or a Granny Smith. And be able to clearly identify and evaluate a banana for all its beautiful merits.
If you'd like a copy of this research to help you cut through the clatter, all you need to do is take the short (3-5 mins) RedThread poll - which will, in turn, sharpen the research focus.
If you're interested in people data and how it can help you drive good, then you know what to do. Provide your input and take the poll.
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