HRBP Data-Driven Playbook - Summary

HRBP Data Driven Playbook

It's here!! Our playbook (4 of them actually) to help HR Business Partners become data driven. 

Get your copy here or read-on for our synopsis to see if it's of value to you and your organization. 

When it comes to data driven HR (DDHR), HR Business Partners (HRBPs) must:

  • Focus on what's relevant to the business
  • Develop their personal skills & competencies
  • Adopt a capability mindset
  • Ensure DDHR is not just a one-off project

I also believe the data driven ability for an organization’s HRBP team acts as either a limiter or enabler of success & credibility for HR. Sadly, this is a universal challenge.

It’s this realization that motivated me to write a practical guide for HR Business Partners to become data driven. These guides, or Playbooks, have been developed with one purpose - to help build the capability for data driven HR in businesses.

To be fully transparent - this may not meet everyone’s expectations. It's long. Too detailed in places. Not so much in others - but it is a start because I truly feel that the success of people analytics at-large is constrained by the ability of HR Business Partners to use their HR, talent and productivity data to drive better business outcomes.

I also believe that the strong ability of one (or a small group) of data- & business-savvy HRBP(s), while directionally correct and stoic, is not sustainable.

That’s why organizations need to build a capability - to plan, fund, engrain, lead, test, improve and unlock the potential that’s trapped within their people data - across the board.

These Playbooks will help you do that. Select and implement the components that work for you.

Overall, my hope is that leading organizations will see the light and chase this largely untapped opportunity - with or without any help from this Playbook.

Here’s an overview of the 4 Playbooks.


Playbook 1: HR & HRBPs must focus more attention on what's relevant to the business

When it comes to the People Plan, Ops will always have different objectives, drivers and issues than Sales - but there will also be common ground. Therefore, it is imperative that HRBPs have solid understanding of both corporate/ enterprise-wide people objectives, in addition to the specific objectives of the business units they serve.

Playbook 2: HR & HRBPs must develop analytical and consultative competencies

It must be recognized and addressed that some HRBPs are more naturally analytical, business-savvy, data-driven and strategic than others. It's therefore becoming more commonplace that HRBPs build upon their transactional HR skills & experience, becoming change enablers and helping drive the people-side of business outcomes.  This means articulating the opportunity and understanding the issue, consulting, driving decisions, planning & implementing change, and optimizing results.

Playbook 3: HR & HRBPs must adopt a capability mindset - which goes beyond slick tools

Slick tools can flounder if they don't live within an environment - or capability - which supports their purpose. For an HRBP to be successful in Data Driven HR, there must be a framework, strategic focus and processes in place to ensure the relevant data is both captured and trusted, clarity in the role of the HRBP, and of course, visibility, realization and optimization of hard business results.

Playbook 4: HR & HRBPs must implement data driven decision-making in a sustainable way

"Becoming Data Driven" implies change will occur - and this change must be sustainable and not just a one-off project. These 4 Areas of Focus must work in concert with one-another to ensure clarity of purpose, adoption and motivation for the future state, leadership support, a concrete plan for implementation, in addition to clearly defined, yet achievable success.


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