Recruitment Analytics - Top Infographics [5 Minute Friday]

Over the past 4 weeks we've explored a number of topics related to analytics for recruitment and talent acquisition. We've looked at:

  • why your ATS reporting is not enough;
  • how a deeper look at your candidate pipeline and recruiting channel effectiveness can drive better hiring decisions,and;
  • how recruitment, onboarding and new hire surveys can add valuable context to the numbers.

For a summary document of all the topics, click here or on the image.  

We've covered a lot, and if it's left you with any questions, feel free to ask our experts.

Ask your question HERE - and we'll address it in an upcoming 5 Minute Friday. 

Click here or the image below to access your summary document - our top infographics on recruitment and talent acquisition analytics.

Infographic Multiple.png 

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