Summer Reading List (Part 1) [5MF]

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on reading. While work-related reading might not be exactly what you had in mind, we’ve put together a list of short, trending and informative articles on HR reporting and analytics that are perfect for a quick-read in that beach-side chair. These perspectives should inspire you along your own journey with data driven HR and analytics.

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1. HR Must Make People Analytics More User-Friendly

In this article, John Boudreau, explores some of the reasons why the adoption of HR analytics is not growing in the ways projected. He makes some powerful suggestions on how to make HR analytics more business focused and results oriented, so that ‘pivotal users will demand, understand and use those analytics’. Boudreau offers some great take-aways for creating “push” and “pull” dynamics to spread people analytics through the organization effectively. Take note of the LAMP framework on the “push” side, with key ideas for presenting analytics to key users in the organization. And on the “pull” side, there are some great insights on how to generate demand and usage among decision makers and influencers. One key is to understand clearly the end-user experience - only then will you be generating analytics that are relevant and meaningful. Once you are delivering critical user-focused insights, those users will come for more.

2. Five Tips For Managing Innovation

This article is short, sweet and straight to the point. Marco Tortoriello offers us five tips to continue pushing our boundaries and trying out ‘new ways of getting old things done.’ It’s good advice for any HR group, whether you’re far along or just starting your analytics journey. Here are the tips in short-form:

  • Surround yourself with the right talent
  • Be open to diversity
  • Embrace change
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Walk your talk

3. 14 HR Metrics Examples

If you’re looking for some inspiration to either jump start or dig deeper into your HR analytics, or you just want to check you’re covering best practices, Erik Van Vulpen has put together a list of 14 HR metrics and their value to the business. He covers the fundamental, simple metrics that bring value to any organization to those that are advanced and predictive. Particularly pay attention to Time to Hire, Cost per Hire, and Turnover - as key measures. From experience with our own customers, we at PeopleInsight believe you can deliver outstanding value and deep insight by segmenting and somewhat repositioning these fundamental metrics to really tell the story of HR program effectiveness, revenue generation or productivity.

4. 6 Powerful Metrics to View Your Talent Impact

Dr. John O’Sullivan takes a different level focus in this article and presents six simple business metrics that provide a snapshot and accurate view of talent’s business impact. These metrics move up a level from tactical and efficiency measures and focus on business impact. He takes a look at: Revenue per employee, ROI on workforce expenditures, Percentage of corporate revenues from new products, Prominence of results in Annual Reports, Number of applications and referrals, and finally Financial value of top performer turnover. If you haven’t considered measuring these areas, it’s worth the read.

5. 3 Ways Data Shapes the Talent Strategy at Tesla, Chevron, and LinkedIn

This is some great stuff if you’re looking for inspiration and stories of how other groups are getting ahead with analytics. Sure, these are some of the big guys - LinkedIn, Tesla and Chevron - but the advice and insights are just as applicable to those in the mid-market. In this piece, you’ll hear the head of Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn, Brendan Browne, admit that using data and talent analytics has completely changed the way his department is perceived by the business. You’ll see how Tesla, Chevron and Linkedin use data to gain valuable insights and drive smart and well-supported decisions. There’s also a video panel featuring RJ Milnor, who leads Talent Analytics at Chevron, Will Gaker of LinkedIn’s Talent Analytics team with Pat Wadors (LinkedIn CHRO) and Brendan Browne (Global Head of Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn). The panel discusses the importance of talent analytics and the impactful changes they make. Definitely worth checking out!

We hope you enjoyed this mix of articles and found something to stimulate your thinking around people data and analytics. We’ll be back next week with our second set of articles for your summer reading! In the meantime, talk to us! We're always happy to discuss analytics.
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