Summer Reading List (Part 2) [5MF]

The first half of 2017 has come and gone, and in that time, we continue to see more and more organizations adopting Workforce Analytics. While this is great news and a step in the right direction, there is still a ways to go. So… if you’re looking for inspiration to get going, or ideas to evolve your HR analytics further, we’ve got some resources that can help.

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As promised, here are a few more analytics-focused resources for your summertime reading:


In the year of HR analytics breakthrough, Michael Carty identifies five essential principles for an effective people analytics strategy:

1. Be clear on what people analytics is
2. Put people analytics at the centre of what HR does
3. Ensure everyone in HR has people analytics skills
4. Be clear on the people analytics message
5. Put people at the centre of people analytics

It’s good advice and a reminder for any HR group to stay focused on the essentials of a successful analytics strategy, regardless of where you are on your analytics journey.


An article from our friend David Creelman. Once again, David hits a message we agree with - you don’t need rocket science (or a corporate jet when a commercial airliner will do) to do analytics well. David is right when he says “The real value in HR analytics come from simple tools that can be deployed by average HR professionals.” Even heavy-hitters like Google get the most value with analytics methods that don’t exceed basic arithmetic. Check out this short article that is sure to remove any feelings of inadequacy or hesitation (we’re not ready for advanced, predictive analytics) and replace this will the confidence and tips to get started. (Hint: develop an approach of evidence-based practice.)

In fact, David and I are so-much on the same page we do a stand up act together (a mini-workshop actually). Here's my perspective in the form of an infographic with a theme which celebrates summer and BBQ season :)



It’s common knowledge that HR data and insights can make significant contributions to C-suite discussions, as well as drive business strategies and outcomes. This article explores 3 areas that HR has to get right in order to succeed in business impact:

1. Criticality - where to focus HR analytics efforts (well-defined, small-scaled, focused on strategic business goals) 

2. Capability - make the investments in people with the right skill sets, and tech tools to piece and translate fragmented data into actionable insights

3. Credibility - effectively ‘track, analyse and present workforce insights’ that target areas of criticality and have true impacts on business outcomes.


David Green, a prominent influencer in HR analytics, explores the best practices and the ‘secret sauce’ for successful analytics initiatives. As with our other featured articles there are common elements of focusing on business outcomes to guide people strategy, and having a clearly defined goal and vision. There is also an important reminder that analytics is a long- term investment, and a journey with occasional pitfalls that all progressive HR professionals should be prepared for. The successful HR leader is not afraid to fail, understands that not every research project will produce insights, and not every insight is actionable. Most importantly, people analytics is about people and that the insights are to drive better business outcomes, and employee outcomes.


Over the past two weeks we’ve taken a look at some of the amazing analytics work being done at the likes of Linkedin, Tesla, etc. and while these are great stories with lots of key lessons, we’re often left wondering how to realistically start an HR journey in your organization. You need to get started and keep at it, but you don’t need to be Google-esque in your approach to analytics. So, to round out our curated resources, here are 3 customer stories from the worlds of Real Estate, Construction and the Restaurant Industry, that showcase the journey and the outcomes that a commitment to people analytics can bring. Click the logo below for the story:

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Happy Reading!


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