Two Simple Secrets to Success [5 Minute Friday]

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When it comes to launching and gaining momentum in people analytics, you must:

  1. Focus on a juicy business issue, and
  2. Use simple math as opposed to advanced math, statistics and rocket science.

That’s it, that’s all. Pretty simple.

For more details, check out this delicious infographic and focus on the beef!


For additional, independent perspective (in alignment with my point of view), please see the following two sources.

  1. Tracey Smith of Numerical Insights believes “Higher math doesn’t necessarily mean higher value for the company”.
  2. David Creelman found the same. In his research on successful analytics projects, he found that most used only simple arithmetic and estimations.  This is especially true in mid-size companies.  

Here are some key ideas to take away:

  • Always operate from the position that success in analytics comes from business impact
  • This means framing your approaches to tackle whatever business priorities come up – driving productivity, delivering on headcount growth, increasing efficiency, etc.
  • Going to the source – the business leaders - is the best way to identify pain points and priorities
  • Don’t stress about not being sophisticated enough – most of the time simple math and analytics will do the trick

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