Women and HR Tech - Accelerating People Analytics

The HR Tech Conference in Vegas next week features a half day event -  Women in HR Technology. I thought I’d piggyback on this theme with a feature of our own related to women and HR Technology. 

So, this week it’s my pleasure to showcase two of our customers – Erin Dunstan of Sysmex and Méline Van Slyke of CBRE, both trailblazing HR leaders. These two understand that HR Tech is one of the most important tools they can leverage in support of their efforts in building strong organizations. They also understand the challenges associated with the lack of data integration across the HR Tech landscape.  

With multiple systems across the HR Tech landscape in the form of ATS, HRIS, payroll, learning and performance systems, and more, the reality is these are still largely unconnected. Progressive leaders - like Erin and Méline - know that making connections across these systems (and the data they house) is imperative to drive business decisions. They also know that teams face challenges pulling data from these systems and making meaningful connections across them. This takes time, expertise, and the manual processes are susceptible to error.

In both cases, Erin and Méline have taken steps to leverage HR Technology to accelerate the analytics capability of their teams. By partnering with a people analytics pureplay (spoiler: it’s us) they’ve been able to rise above the nitty-gritty of data-manipulation and heavy-lifting of aggregation of sources, and focus their time and energy on using the data, analytics and visuals to tell the people story and drive the business forward. In partnering with PeopleInsight, they have embraced a new HR Tech that:

  • integrates all of their employee, talent and workforce data (no matter the system or source)


  • acts as their reporting and analytics platform.

It’s a shift both say has tremendous value for their HR teams and the business at large.

Erin Dunstan, at Sysmex, wanted to deliver more during monthly presentations to the Operating Committee. She wanted to move her reporting beyond transactions to make connections to business outcomes. She was limited by the fact her team was bogged down in manual processes to pull, prep and aggregate the data. Erin sought out a solution that would help reduce this manual work and make  reporting trends across source, hiring, turnover and cost, faster and easier. Through a partnership with PeopleInsight, Erin found what she was looking for. With PeopleInsight taking care of the tasks of data prep, aggregation, algorithms, and visualizations, the team is free to focus their time and energy on using the data to identify areas of opportunity across recruitment, hiring and development. With more time to interpret the data, Erin and her team have been able to accelerate initiatives – including implementing hiring and onboarding feedback surveys, building talent acquisition dashboards, and tracking progress against affirmative action goals in real time. Read Erin’s full story here.

Méline Van Slyke, of CBRE is another terrific example of a woman executive using HR technology to advance people analytics and drive the business forward. The CBRE story is one that reveals how easy it becomes to work at the level of business needs when HR teams are freed from the pain of manual data preparation, manipulation, and reporting. 

With PeopleInsight taking care of all the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting and aggregating of the data, Meline’s team gets to focus on connecting with business leaders to understand their pain points and key decision drivers.

Through conversations with market leaders, Méline and her team understood their desire to know how their offices stacked up against the rest of the business. Leaders wanted to know how their sales teams compared to other markets and the national average (ratio of support staff to sales, age demographics, average revenue per demographic group, etc.). Knowing these were important business questions for the market leaders, the HR team worked with PeopleInsight to create customized dashboards to address these important areas.  

Instead of mucking around in spreadsheets and struggling with manual processes, the team is now able to quickly access the data, analytics and visuals they need to address evolving business questions. By leveraging HR Tech designed to eliminate the burden of behind-the-scenes data prep and integration, the CBRE team is acting as a true and valued business partner.

Read more about CBRE’s success with people analytics and see examples of the dashboards they are producing for the business.    

We’re proud to work with these trailblazing women in HR Tech and People Analytics!

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