HR Should Be Doing HR. Not Spreadsheets. [5-Minute Friday]

In this week's 5-Minute Friday, we share a video by John Pensom. In it, John talks about the urgent need for HR to get beyond spreadsheets, leverage new technologies, and make a transformative contribution to the business.  

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When it comes to meaningful work, HR and Talent professionals have an endless job. And that's all good, except there are too many crappy, low-value activities that need to be done before focusing on making a difference.

Take reporting for example.

While there's common understanding that HR should be more data-savvy, the reality is, it's hard. Data is everywhere, in all different formats using multiple languages and inconsistent terminology. 

Meanwhile, the demands of the business don't stop - hire smarter, retain key employees, understand the ROI of our people programs, and ensure we have the talent to exceed our business plan.

Cloud technology is disrupting HR because today, businesses can easily implement advanced HR analytical capabilities at a cost and speed that was unthinkable even 5 years ago. Data, in it's raw and native format, is fed from disparate systems to cloud-based analytics platforms built specifically for the complexities of effective-dated HR data. This data is processed and mashed behind the scenes to deliver a powerful, single VIEW of the truth.

Tomorrow's opportunity for HR is one which is talent minded, value focused and business savvy. This intrinsically means HR must be quantitative and qualitative - both data-driven, yet balanced in perspective to drive the right decision. And you need to unlock the potential of your HR data to do that - so you can drive change that matters and chase opportunities which are material.

Try doing that with single-dimension, inflexible spreadsheets cobbled together by HR Reps who weren't trained or ever interested in doing that.

HR should be doing HR. Not spreadsheets.



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