Data Driven Workforce: 5-Minute Fridays (Introduction)

>> Introducing PeopleInsight's 5-Minute Fridays, where you get a bite-sized masterclass in analytics every week.

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There's a common understanding that HR should be more data-savvy, but the reality is, it's hard. Data is everywhere, in all different formats using multiple languages, inconsistent terminology, and living in disconnected systems.

Your purpose is to meet, and anticipate, the demands of the business - constantly hiring smarter, retaining key employees, understanding the ROI of your people programs, and ensuring you have the talent to exceed your business plan.

Bottom-line: you're busy; it isn't slowing down; and you need to make advancements in your data-driven HR capability.

That's why we're introducing a new email and blog series, 5-Minute Fridays. Each Friday we'll put together a short, to-the-point video/podcast/infographic/interview to help you:

  • cut through the clutter and gather the facts about workforce analytics
  • see how your colleagues are using HR analytics to improve their reporting and solve real business problems
  • start to build your own case for really getting started.

Stay tuned next week for our first 5-Minute Friday post.

In the meantime and if you do have a couple of extra minutes, browse around our new website and check out some of our customer stories.  

Let me know what you think.

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