5 Resources to get you into an Analytics frame of mind for 2017

A new year prompts reflection as well as a look forward to what’s next.  Whether you’re already deep into HR analytics, just starting out, or hoping it happens for you in 2017, we’ve got 5 resources from this past year to educate, inspire and motivate your next step. 

  1. In this first article, the focus is on 3 categories of resistance that organizations need to overcome in order to truly get going with people analytics. The author, a people analytics expert and thought leader, David Green, discusses research by Sheri Feinzig and her co-authors, digs deep into these barriers and offers recommendations to overcome them and build success:  
  • Stakeholder scepticism
  • Financial frugalness
  • HR hesitancy

This is some very valuable insight and advice, whether you’re already doing HR analytics or planning to get started. 

  1. This article, “The 10 golden rules of HR analytics” is not to be missed, and, if you truly only have 5 minutes this week – let this be the article you read. Patrick Coolen, (Manager HR analytics and strategic workforce planning at ABN AMRO Bank) is one of the most influential writers in HR analytics today and one of our favourites. He speaks from experience and really hits the mark with this list. Rules #2 and #3 are particularly poignant. #2 – Only do Business Relevant Research and #3 – Create Actionable Insights. Check out the full list here

  2. Here’s an article by Tracey Smith that I think you’ll appreciate. It provides a list of 13 ideas to get started in analytics. Whether you’re just starting out or performing advanced analytics already, there is sure to be something in this list that resonates and either inspires you to action or provides the impetus to take your analytics in a new direction.   Of course, not every idea will work with your specific business priorities but there’s certain to be one or two that fits.  The great thing is that the list not only provides the idea, but clearly spells out the business value of that idea.  

  3. A great piece by Erik van Vulpen that outlines 5 reasons why HR Analytics projects fail.  Don’t be put off by the negative slant of this, the article has a happy ending. It’s designed to expose the problems others have faced implementing HR analytics as a way of making sure you can avoid them in your own journey. An important read for anyone working in a people analytics role. 
  1. Some of the best – and most compelling - stories of the year come from leaders and organizations where the journey with HR analytics has begun. These are practitioners who have taken bold steps to get started and are working every day to improve HR by through the application of data and analytics, to produce business-first insights. And who better to learn from or get inspired by, than our peers, who face the same barriers, have the same goals and strive for the same successes.  Many of the stories we read are of the amazing work being done at the likes of Google, and while it’s an incredible story with lots of great takeaways, we’re often left with the question “yes, but what, realistically, does HR analytics look like in my mid-sized company?”.  You need to get started and keep at it, but you don’t need to be Google-esque in your approach to analytics.  So, to round out our curated resources, here are 4 customer stories from the worlds of Sports + Entertainment, Real Estate, Construction and the Restaurant Industry, that showcase the journey and the outcomes that a commitment to people analytics can bring. Click the logo below for the story. 
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Here’s to a wonderful 2017!


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