Behind the scenes with PeopleInsight - Customer Success

This week we continue our behind-the-scenes look at PeopleInsight and introduce our Customer Success Team. They are responsible for providing outstanding ongoing support and expertise on all things HR data and analytics, matching analytics to our customers’ business questions, to pulling off last-minute requests for specific analytics views, and dashboards/ scorecards for executive meetings. This group loves working with our customers and sharing their passion for analytics.

We sat down with Nikolina Osland, Manager, Analytics to find out more about how this team works!


First, let's get to know Nikolina!

Nikolina joined PeopleInsight in 2012, as a Data Scientist intern while she was completing her Master's degree in Statistics from Carleton University - she loves Stats!

When she's not being a data superstar at work, Nikolina loves playing soccer, travelling, and dancing. Fun fact, she just celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary on July 30th!

1. Let’s start with the basics, what is it that you do in Customer Success?

As an Analytics Manager, I work with clients daily on implementing their analytic priorities. This means I spend my days building out new analytic content, tweaking existing analytics, refreshing new data or meeting with clients to review new analytics or discuss new projects. No one day is quite the same as the next.

Our team is a bunch of data geeks! :) We all love a challenge, both in terms of complex data and in providing the most impactful visual possible. Throughout all of this, we work side-by-side with our customers to make sure that they get the analytics they need in a timely manner. For example, we can help guide them to expand their analytics with supplemental data, or help create highly specific views for a presentation they have coming up.

My best days are the ones where I know I have been able to deliver new insight for a client - in time for their next presentation or critical business conversation.

2. People often ask what is the ROI of partnering with an analytics provider. Given that you work with customers every day, can you offer any insight to this question?

We often hear from clients that we free up their time to focus on the results. We know how much time is spent just building analytics - things like validating data are quite time-consuming. Working with us means they can spend time on telling the story and answering “so what does this mean?", versus prepping the analytics. For example, they no longer have to build out quarterly report packages because we build it all out for them in PeopleInsight.

We also provide advice based on our expertise. Chances are, if your executives are asking for it, others have asked before them. I think we also give the value of a relationship with the analytics provider - sometimes it helps to talk things through and really hone in on what questions need answering. Not everyone knows exactly what they need, or the best way to describe it. We are then happy to build out views that make sense, so that you get analytics tailored specifically to you and your business, not just an out of the box solution that answers some of the questions. 

3. What are some of the interesting initiatives you are working on with customers? Any trends you are noticing in terms of what organizations are looking for in their data/analytics?

I have been working on a lot of executive-specific views lately - views that are prepared for board reports or meetings with high level executives and combine different levels of data to tell a compelling story. They’re more big picture summaries, rather than analytics that encourage you to play in the data.

We’re also seeing a lot customers wanting to connect a lot of data sources and then play around with the results - for example, looking at turnover in context of terminations, exit surveys, open requisitions/vacancies and quarterly budgets to understand the impact of turnover on the business and hone in on possible solutions.

Personally, I’m excited to explore advanced analytics - my stats background has me brainstorming so many neat visualizations.

4. What do you like best about your role in Customer Success?

My favourite thing about my role in Customer Success is the ability to see the impact of my work on our customers almost every day. Not every job gives you the ability to work hard on something and then gain feedback a few days later - hearing from our customers and getting their thoughts on our work is always the highlight of my day. Their feedback allows us to continuously improve and try new things in order to keep our customers happy. It’s great motivation to stay creative!

5. Nikolina, recently you took part in a Bollywood flash mob. How would you say that experience helps you and your role in Customer Success? :-)

Well, I can say it definitely taught me to be thankful for our office air conditioning (performing outside in the middle of summer in the sweltering heat is not something I could handle every day!).  All kidding aside, I think any sort of performance, whether it be a Bollywood flash mob or a recital, forces you to get out of your comfort zone. I think this is important for our analytics as well, because oftentimes what has been done before can get stale, boring, or isn’t quite the effective solution it was before. By getting out of your comfort zone with analytics, you get the chance to try something new and continuously improve your reporting. Doesn’t that sound just as fun as a Bollywood flash mob?

Thank you, Nikolina!

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