Behind the scenes with PeopleInsight - Technical Operations

This week we take a behind-the-scenes look at PeopleInsight’s Technical Operations Team, the group that is literally behind the scenes when it comes to serving our clients. But... just because they’re not in the limelight like some of our other teams, this doesn’t mean they aren’t important. In fact, I’m sure they’d argue, that without them, there would be no us.

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To give us a flavor of what this team is up to we asked Andrew Peralta, Director of Analytics, a few questions:

1. Andrew, what is it that you guys do? And… give it to me in language I can understand please. :-)

Well, we’re responsible for everything behind the scenes at PeopleInsight. We build and manage all of the components that support daily business at PeopleInsight. We’re responsible for processing customer data as it is received, and modifying existing processes to handle any new data requirements that our customers have.

2. Wow - I’m surprised... I was expecting sentences filled with acronyms and technical terms… thanks for making that easy.

Speaking of surprises, what is something that might surprise potential customers about the work you do?

I guess one thing that people don’t know or don’t expect is that they don’t necessarily need a full scale ERP system to start getting more value from their data. We have some customers that upload data that they track completely in spreadsheets, others that have a mix of homegrown spreadsheets and top-of-the-line HR tech systems, and those that have separate HRIS, ATS, performance, learning, and other systems. With the variety out there in terms of systems and approaches that companies are using, no single combination seems to be the same. That’s the great thing about the way we’ve built PeopleInsight... no matter what combination of systems or sources our customers are using, we are able to seamlessly integrate different source data systems and types and return a complete analytic view. That’s often surprising to people - what they struggle to connect manually, we take care of in PeopleInsight.

3. What are some of the new and exciting things you’ve been working on for our customers lately?

As our customers have been with us for a few years, we're starting to see some great evolution in terms of analytics needs. Over time, as customers get more comfortable using HR analytics to make critical decisions, they start to demand even more from their data. With foundational analytics running smoothly, customers start to shift to anticipating and solving future problems with their data. This is where some of our most innovative work happens. Lucky for us, we’ve built our team around great people, with expertise in HR data and stats, and who love meeting the challenges of our customers unique analytic requirements.

4. What do you like best about your role?

Because we have many customers, and every customer has unique systems and unique analytics needs, each day is completely different from the last. We never know what a customer’s needs are going to be, so we are always working on better and smarter ways to process data, and provide better insight for our customers.

5. It’s been said that data science is the sexiest industry of the 21st century. Do you agree? What makes it so damn sexy and what role do you guys play in that?

Someone said we were sexy? YEAH WE ARE!

Haha, thanks Andrew (and Adam, who made a special appearance in our quick photo op)!

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