PeopleInsight announces integration partnership with Greenhouse Software

Integration with PeopleInsight means out of the box connections between Greenhouse and HR data for easily deployed recruitment analytics and reporting, leading to better hiring decisions. 

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When it comes to HR Reporting and Workforce Analytics, there are many barriers to entry - the most fundamental of which is the ability to integrate your data from your disparate sources across your HR & Talent Technology and business outcomes systems.

In fact, in a recent study of 1,000 mid-market companies by George LaRocque of #HRWINS, the number 1 reason why companies change their HR Technology is due to the lack of data integration.

While HR Technology providers have been somewhat vocal about the importance of clean and efficient data integration through APIs and affordable integration, the reality is very few truly enable useful and granular data flows which are optimized for reporting and analytics.

As a leader in the recruitment space, Greenhouse is one of a few companies in the HR Tech space who gets it. My view is they've taken an "open" approach to their business - which is why they refer to themselves as a "platform" - given the reality that the sourcing and recruitment process is best served by many, many tools.

This, of course, translates into the need for constant and powerful integration when it comes to data.

It's for this reason, we're so pleased to announce our partnership with Greenhouse Software. We come across Greenhouse a lot in our travels and it's in the bucket of HR Tech which always makes us smile - not only from the type of company who runs it (fast growth, talent minded) but from the potential and insight we can unlock incredibly quickly due to their open Harvest API.

HR Tech providers need to take note and look at Greenhouse as a trailblazer - it needs to be easier for companies to integrate their HR, talent and productivity data to drive better automation, and much more effective reporting and analytics.

Read about our integration with Greenhouse here.


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