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Lynne Russell

Lynne Russell

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Behind the scenes with PeopleInsight - Customer Success

This week we continue our behind-the-scenes look at PeopleInsight and introduce our Customer Success Team. They are responsible for providing outstanding ongoing support and expertise on all..

Are you a fit for a Workforce Analytics PurePlay? [5 Minute Friday]

Full disclosure: we're cheating a little bit this week and our 5 Minute Friday is a bit longer. In fact, we've stretched it by 15 minutes. Yesterday our co-founders Steve Johnson and John Pensom,..
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CBRE & People Analytics – Delivering what the Business Needs

This week, we continue our 5 Minute Friday theme of how to use HR analytics to communicate with different audiences across the business.  We chat with Méline Van Slyke, Director of Human Resources..

Topics: 5 Minute Fridays

Talent Acquisition and Analytics Reporting - Why Looks Matter

Engaging the Executives

We’ve all been there – either as presenter or observer – at that moment in a presentation when a slide goes up and it's full of rows and columns of numbers, and perhaps an..

Think and Act like a Marketer: Segment your people data to fuel evidence-based workforce decisions

Companies spend a great deal of time, money, and resources to understand, target, recruit and retain customers.  They approach these tasks with rigour and rely on data and analytics as the key input..

Mid-Market Companies: How to Get Started with Workforce Analytics

No matter what your company size, the pressure is on for HR to make use of data to respond to business questions and make timely and relevant workforce decisions.  HR now knows that using..

Not feeling the love for people surveys? Here's an approach to get excited about...

Employee surveys have always played a role in HR. Typically, they involve a lot of time and a lot of work – they are big projects that happen once a year or once every two years. In most cases,..

Summer is THE perfect time to get started with workforce analytics - 2 reasons you can't deny


If you’re like most HR Leaders workforce analytics is on the agenda and it’s one of your priorities – if not at this..

Put Workforce Analytics to Work: Achieve Objectives and Improve Outcomes

In our last blog we shared our perspective (or should we say our conviction) that for workforce analytics to be purposeful and valuable it needs to be situated in a business context – that is,..

Workforce Analytics with Purpose - the key is alignment with your business objectives

In our last blog we explored how workforce analytics can help solve a number of limitations currently faced internally by HR. We saw how workforce analytics can help HR teams reclaim time and..