Don't Miss Out! Bersin by Deloitte Webinar - Talent Analytics for Mid-Market Companies

don't_miss_out_bersin_webinarIf you’ve been following our activity the past couple of months you’ll know we’ve been talking a lot about workforce analytics in mid-sized companies.  This is because we know HR Leaders in these organizations face unique challenges when it comes to getting started with analytics, and we also know these leaders have so much to gain through analytics.  Mid-sized organizations are large enough to need more than home-grown spreadsheet solutions to manage their data.  The current situation is one that is time-consuming and cumbersome and team members spend too much time pulling together data and not enough time in analysis, making recommendations and taking action. 

The catch is that although mid-sized organizations are large enough to need a different way, they are not so large to justify a big investment in either an internal build of a solution or an enterprise-scale outsourced solution.   Luckily there is another option.  We believe a powerful path forward for mid-sized companies is through partnering with an analytics solutions provider. This enables organizations to quickly get going, without needing to invest heavily in terms of resources, time or money.   And… we’re not alone in this thinking.  Bersin by Deloitte’s Karen O’Leonard also advises HR and Talent Leaders in mid-sized companies to look to third party external workforce analytics providers to accelerate their capabilities.  For more on this view, click here

Given our interest in accelerating mid-market success in analytics, we’re excited to announce a webinar on this very topic.  Click here to listen to the Bersin by Deloitte Webinar:  Unlock the Potential of Talent Analytics in Mid-Market Companies.  

In this webinar we'll hear from two extraordinary leaders who will share their experience and expertise with talent and workforce analytics.  Karen O’Leonard, leads the talent analytics and benchmarking practice at Bersin by Deloitte.  Karen will share some of her fascinating research and discuss the ways in which HR groups in mid-market companies can get ahead with analytics.  Andrew Martin, VP HR at JOEY Restaurant Group will share his experiences with analytics and how he is using the insight to strengthen Executive conversations and deliver outcomes for the business.   

Hear from the experts how leaders in mid-market companies can accelerate their analytics capabilities by downloading the  Bersin by Deloitte Webinar:  Unlock the Potential of Talent Analytics in Mid-Market Companies.  

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