3 Hot Topics from the CHRO - #1 of 3



I recently met with about 15 Talent & HR Executives over the course of a few days. While there were many fascinating conversations, there are three themes that really stood out for me:

  1. we need business-focused analytics
  2. the business of engagement is changing, and
  3. by understanding manager impact, we can focus on fixing issues which have leverage - and can drive real change.

In this 3 Blog series, we'll dig into each a little.

Let’s start with the first one:  We Need Business-focused Analytics

Forward looking Talent & HR Executives are interested in learning how they can drive better business outcomes. And traditional data points and HR Metrics are no longer enough.

When asked what's the one data-driven insight a CHRO would want, opinions included the ROI of people programs, how aligned my organization's daily tasks are to our business plan, and something I personally feel is very powerful, time to productivity.

Time to productivity is fascinating and can shed light onto many aspects of your people programs, your manager capability, and help you drive alignment in terms of performance expectations.

Of course, productivity is unique for every company, industry and role, and in some (potentially many) cases/roles, defining productivity will be very difficult if not completely useless. That being said, and driven by the principle that "not all roles are equal", defining a productivity or overall outcome measure for a specific high value, high criticality role can be incredibly valuable from a number of angles.

JOEY Restaurant Group has accomplished this by having a very advanced view on what it takes to be a great General Manager or Executive Chef. By defining the key aspects and expectations of these roles - which strike a balance between operational, financial, people and customer outcomes, JOEY Restaurants has created a comprehensive view on people productivity - from the top down, with clarity and alignment in what it takes be great at that role.

See here for more details on how JOEY Restaurant Group have accomplished this.

Stay tuned for our 2nd blog in this series where we’ll talk about the shift underway in Engagement.



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