A Data Driven Look at Sales Teams

In this week's 5-Minute Friday, John shares his thoughts on the power of analytics for sales teams.  It's a given that companies need highly effective sales functions and the fundamental of any sales investment is to deliver positive ROI.  You need to fill that sales seat to deliver a positive return... and it’s best to fill that seat with a quality hire to deliver an optimal return... and ultimately, someway you need to keep that seat filled with that high quality producer. People analytics can help HR and Talent leaders make better hiring decisions for their sales team, and optimize the performance of these teams.

 People Analytics for Sales Teams

For more on this, check out this post by Maia Josebachvili, VP of Strategy & People at Greenhouse. In it, you'll see an illustrative example of a Sales Rep - where the bottom line could result in something Maia refers to as the Million Dollar Revelation. 


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