Everyone is talking about analytics in HR. Very few are doing it. Our clients are... are you?

Workforce Analytics is a huge part of what we do. Our PeopleInsight solution combines, integrates and analyzes data with both power and finesse... but it's what we do with the analytics that sets us apart. Actually it's who we are and what we do with the data that sets us apart, but let's start with the second.

To be useful to HR and Business Execs, data and analytics must be a springboard to insight, understanding, inspiration and action. For us, this becomes possible when connections are made across previously disparate data sources and when analytics are transformed into meaningful, compelling and beautiful visualizations of people and business data. These visualizations tell stories and spark conversations. They give a true picture of the people-side of the business and, when business data is integrated, they net out with a whole organization view that can lead to significant changes in performance, productivity and profitability.


At QuIRC we know that it's not numbers for the sake of numbers in workforce analytics. These numbers represent people... your people... and this understanding must permeate everything that goes into and comes from workforce analytics. We never lose sight of the human element.

We also know that human experience takes place within layers of culture. For these reasons, we champion qualitative understanding as a partner of workforce analytics. Qualitative discovery gets at the heart of identified areas of strength, weakness and opportunity where the people and the business is concerned. Bringing the two perspectives together – analytics and qualitative - drives enlightened decision-making and action that results in elevated people and business performance. This is PeopleInsight.

As a team we have over 100 years experience in HR, Business Transformation, Business Intelligence and Corporate Anthropology. We get people. Just as importantly, our team is multi-faceted - we cover the spectrum from math geek to the touchy feely. It’s one of the great things about QuIRC and we know this mosaic of perspectives makes us stronger, more perceptive and more holistic in the ways we approach HR and business issues.

To give you an idea of what we spend our time doing in the day, we thought what better way than to illustrate our success with a few of our clients. Click here to see how some of our clients are using PeopleInsight to elevate people and business performance.


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