How Transactional HR Tech Vendors have hoodwinked reporting buyers (Infographic & Detailed Point of View)

For the past 3 years, most HR Tech vendors have claimed reporting and analytics are actually "embedded" in the newer releases of their transactional solutions.


Maybe so, in their mind.

And after you’ve implemented some new HR Tech, it's very tempting to wait and see how that will all shake out.

Unfortunately, you will likely be terribly disappointed. And more importantly, you'll be at risk of disappointing the stakeholders in your organization who need people insight to drive better HR decisions.

The reality is that true people analytics is remarkably complex, actually impossible on a transactional system architecture (because you need a data warehouse), and Do It Yourself Business Intelligence tools can take you down a costly, risky, and uncharted path.

When you use self-serve, "simple to deploy" BI tools, there are many hidden layers of complexity - which are discussed here in this Infographic and detailed Point of View on why your transactional HR systems can't deliver true people analytics.

You'll see how a DIY approach compares to a fully managed, HR analytics-as-a-service like ours, PeopleInsight.

If you're experiencing challenges with your reporting and analytics, aren't happy about it, and want help, send me an email and we'll make it all right.

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