HR Data Locked Away in Disparate Systems? Part 2

A key issue faced by HR is the lack of data integration across a company’s HR Tech landscape. Most could benefit from spending less time in the complexities of connecting the data, and more time doing analysis, interpretation and delivering reports that stakeholders want. But it’s not easy to do it alone with home-grown approaches to analytics and reporting. And for many companies, there aren’t always big budgets or internal resources with the capability (or time) to buy/build the solution you need.
If you are faced with this challenge, a new HR Tech category called the multi-source people analytics platform might be the right fit for you.
Last week  we gave 5 reasons why the multi-source people analytics platform can address these challenges, here are 5 more:
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6. Lack of data integration represents one of HR's biggest challenges

A recent survey consisting of responses from 345 HR professionals identified that half of HR professionals say that data collection and clean up are fairly or very difficult, and the same is true with regard to integration. The multi-source people analytics platform solves this pain point HR experiences.

7. You should focus HR on your core competencies (i.e., using your data to drive decisions, not the heavy lifting of integrating and preparing your data) 

Instead of building workforce analytics in-house (which is complex, expensive and therefore high risk), many companies are accelerating these capabilities through the multi-source people analytics platform. Results are delivered faster with a cloud-based, SaaS solution, supported by a team of experts with deep skills in HR data, HCM systems and workforce analytics. This means you can focus all of your resources on interpretation, consultation, and driving talent decisions. 

8. Integrating, freeing-up and using YOUR workforce data drives business relevance, credibility and builds confidence 

You are frequently asked for ad-hoc reports, information and "what-about questions" (what about the turnover of my top performers?). Business relevance, and success in the eyes of your stakeholders, depends on your ability to deliver rapid, discoverable and scenario-specific insight into making smarter hiring decisions, retaining key employees and connecting people performance to business performance.

9. Mid-market HR teams should focus on basic math - not rocket science

When we hear HR Tech vendors talking about how their solution has predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms - some of us are impressed, and others completely turned off. You see, HR Reporting & Workforce Analytics (People Analytics, Talent Analytics etc.) is as broad a category as you can imagine - and no different to the diverse options found when you are selecting a new ATS, a car for your commute to work, or a beach vacation. There are different needs, different solutions and one-size does not fit all. Our perspective and experience is that mid-market companies can deliver significant benefits from integrated data, HR reporting & descriptive workforce analytics. In fact, thought leader David Creelman** strongly believes the key to success is HR dusting off their basic math skills (counts, percentages, rates, etc.) - we couldn't agree more. Very few in HR need the exotic supercar to get to the office. And while there's absolutely a fit for advanced analytics in some companies - mid-market companies are often looking for pragmatic answers to the here-and-now - supported through powerful descriptive workforce analytics.

10. We want to help you face the facts. You need a single view of the truth - HR tech that both integrates all of your employee, talent and workforce data and acts as your HR reporting and analytics platform.

This is exactly why we built PeopleInsight - the one-and-only multi-sourced people analytics platform focused on companies with less than 5,000 employees - and how many of North America's best mid-market companies make data-driven workforce and people decisions today.

Want to see all 10 reasons? Download our full infographic below.

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