It's Your Workforce Data. You Should Use it. 6 Resolutions to Get You There.

2013 is shaping up to be a transformative year in HR and the game-changer is workforce analytics.  There's no better time than now to take charge of your workforce data and begin to leverage it.  To get you started, here are 6 HR Resolutions designed to lighten your load while elevating your role, influence, and impact within the organization.

1.  Shed the Weight

If you're like the majority in HR, you've been carrying around extra weight.  No, we're not talking about the effects of your holiday indulgence... we're talking about that weight you feel on your shoulders, in your briefcase, on your mind. 

You're being weighed down by your people data and the burden of knowing that although you have loads of it, it's not being put to optimal use.  You know full well there is an abundance of untapped insight with your data. 

Make 2013 the year you take control of your data with solid understanding of where you've been, where you are, and where you're heading where your people are concerned. You'll be amazed at the lightness that springs from clarity and understanding of your data.

2.  Eliminate those Bad Habits

Typically, when we think of tackling a data issue we think down one of two main paths.  1) We think: hours and hours of heads-down work in spreadsheets, trying to make connections across systems, programs and data points or 2) We think: IT involvement, multiple stakeholders, business cases for new systems of a data warehouse, and almost always a BIG project requiring lots of time and corporate investment. 

Change this mindset and your behaviour.  It's not necessary to keep on doing the same old things in the same way. 

You can choose a simpler path - one that takes care of the number crunching and analysis, one that makes meaning of the data and serves up insight, and one that delivers this insight quickly.   Imagine being days (not weeks, months or years) away from acting on insight from your workforce - it can be that quick and that easy!  

This is the path of cloud-based workforce analytics.  We call it Insight-as-a-Service.

3.  Learn Something New

Stay inspired with continuous learning.  Engage with a workforce analytics and insights partner and you'll be immersed in ongoing learning about the workforce and the business and the connections between the two.

Through this partnership you will see your data in striking, easy to understand, interactive views. You'll have a fresh and evidence-based view of your people data and clarity around what this means to move the business forward.  You'll turn insight to action to elevated people performance.

4.  Exercise More

Use analytics and insight to stretch yourself within the organization and with confidence. Make it a springboard to operate at the level of strategy and business outcomes.

Resolve to be strategic.  Exercise your mind in new, exciting and exhilarating ways.

5.  Get Out More Often

With workforce analytics and insight you have at your disposal the deepest and most profound understanding about your organization's most valued asset - its people. 

You have great things to share so get out there and start sharing. Connect across the organization and help drive meaningful business outcomes.

6.  Start Small

Don’t let the idea of workforce analytics intimidate or overwhelm you. You can start small.  All it takes is an upload of your core HR data to start seeing the value, the benefits, the insights and opportunity.

Gradually add in other data like Performance, Engagement, Recruiting and Compensation – and then move towards connecting business data such Sales, Client Service and Customer Satisfaction Scores. 

The most important thing is to just get started!


We believe that following through on these resolutions will mark 2013 as a transformative year for HR.  This is THE year to take charge of your people data, gain insight and clarity, and act to elevate people and organizational performance. 

Read how some of our clients are leveraging PeopleInsight to drive improved business outcomes.

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