Your New HR Tech Can't Deliver the Reporting and Analytics You Need

It’s Been 2 Years Since We Implemented Our New HR Tech, and We Still Don’t Have the Reporting & Analytics We Need!”

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Over the last several years, many HR organizations have implemented new systems, yet they still have many of the same long standing problems when it comes to HR reporting and people analytics.

At PeopleInsight, we have many customers who run best-in-class HR systems - and they are all looking for something more than the native reporting and analytics capability these systems can deliver.

We typically hear a combination of these three scenarios:

  1. I need a single view of the truth. I’m still running a number of HR Technologies and I’d like to combine the data into a single, integrated data warehouse
  2. I need more flexibility in my reporting and analytics solution than my current system can technically or affordably deliver
  3. I’ve tried to build an internal capability for People Analytics and sputtered for one reason or another.

Let's take a brief look back at why you implemented your new HR Tech. 

When you decided to buy and implement your new HR tech, there were likely multiple drivers:

  • Pain with your old HRIS or segregated HR Tech landscape
  • Drive for a single, unified platform with cross HR processing and Talent management capability
  • The advantages, relative affordability, and low maintenance promise of a cloud-based HCM

In addition to these pain points,  there was probably some excitement for the prospect of improved reporting and analytics out of the box.

That’s likely turned out to be kind-of, partially true.

While the native capabilities for reporting, “analytics” and data visualization in your HR Tech have likely helped you significantly, critical challenges may still remain.

  • You still run separate systems for your HR, people and talent operations
  • You are combining your HRIS data with other people data using spreadsheets
  • You are performing additional reporting and analytics in a BI tool outside of your HRIS
  • Your reporting is manual and/or inflexible
  • You don’t like the daily rates of Reporting Configurators or BI Developers
  • You don’t have an internal IT or BI team to rely upon
  • You have unsuccessfully tried to hire a People Analytics “expert”
  • You have report writing as one of many tasks for your HR Analyst
  • You are in the position where you still don’t have true analytics from both your HRIS and other HR systems.  Your HR and talent insight is still limited.

"I thought my new HCM Platform would deliver the analytics I need."

You're not alone in this thinking, but unfortunately, it doesn't. 

Instead of analytics, you get transactional reporting with some basic data visualization.

Now, the reporting can be pretty good. You can likely access reports that meet basic needs and the self-serve reporting requirements of some front-line users.

But this isn’t analytics and doesn’t meet the needs of many functional analysts and leads, nor power reporting teams, and certainly not those who want insight based on data mashed from numerous HR systems and sources.

So even though things look quite rosy from the outside-in, there are many who undergo massive weekly and monthly headaches and complexity delivering the type of reporting and analytics they really want, need and expect. 

We know this because many of our customers have partnered with us to solve these reporting and analytics challenges with our managed service analytics solution. 

 It's important to know your options when it comes to HR Reporting and People Analytics. Review our new infographic, 13 Key Considerations to deliver true people analytics. You may find a much better fit for your HR Reporting and People Analytics needs.

Stay tuned next week - we'll explore the differences between transactional reporting and people analytics and give you some guidelines to see which you are delivering. 

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Know Your Options - HR Analytics and Reporting

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