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5 Do's and Don'ts for Effective HR Reporting

Updated on June 19, 2020

Last week we introduced 3 questions that should be asked of any reporting that is done with a regular cadence - monthly, quarterly, annually - where you can get into the..

Announcing PeopleInsight’s SOC 2® Report: Affirming Our Commitment to Customers

As the market leader for midmarket SaaS-delivered people analytics, PeopleInsight is deeply committed to the security of customer data within and across our entire platform—from our cloud..

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Re-think your Approach to HR Reporting

Updated on June 9, 2020

Of all the questions our Customer Success Team gets asked, one of the most common is: 

“What should I include in my HR Report?”

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Executing your HR Analytics Project - In 8 Steps

Originally published on November 2, 2017 

Updated on June 5, 2020

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HR Metrics - Measuring Activities or Creating Value?

Updated on May 27, 2020

HR is no stranger to data and metrics and the most progressive of leaders in this space are now leveraging robust and holistic people analytics for powerful results – for..

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6 Realizations on HR Data

Watch this video below as PeopleInsight Co-Founder and CEO, John Pensom speaks at the People Analytics and Future of Work (PAFOW) conference as part of the Innovation Showcase. John talks about..

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How should an HR Business Partner use Reporting and Analytics?

Updated on May 6, 2020.

In this blog, we look at some of the basic characteristics of being an effective HRBP and provide tips on how to use workforce reporting & analytics to drive business..

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CEO & COO - Top 10 Expectations from HR Reporting

Given my business is exclusively focused on helping HR deliver better business results with their HR data, I’ve taken the liberty of articulating what I believe are 10 key expectations that CEOs &..

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