Could You Deliver on This People Analytics Challenge?  - Use Your People Data to Create Success Profiles

How quickly and confidently could you use your people data to create Success Profiles of Your Sales Team? How long would it take and how many resources would you need? 

(if you'd have to move mountains to get to this level of understanding, you should consider your options where analytics are concerned).

Sales Team Success Profiles Using People Analytics

You’ve been tasked with creating Success Profiles for your Sales Team.


In order to do that, you may start with analysing the employee lifecycle of consistently top performers - employees like “Stephanie Cruz”.

Stephanie was an agency-sourced candidate and a finders fee was paid (incidentally, she was hired under her pre-marriage name which was logged in your iCIMS ATS as “Steph daSilva”) - and you need to track her through all positions, pay grades and compa-ratios, learning events, leaves of absence, performance ratings and sales quotas achieved.

The analysis also calls for you to find all other Sales Reps who were hired by the same Hiring Manager, a Sales Manager named Brad Jones who is consistently evaluated in his Multirater feedback as Top Quartile for Developing Others.

In addition, you need to test the theory that those who attended the innovative “Solution Selling” course delivered better results in the 4 Quarters immediately following the attendance of this training course.

In a nutshell, you are looking to understand the return on investment (ROI) and learning impact of this course given you have plans to roll it out globally

The systems required for conducting this analysis will include: your ATS, your core HRIS, Compensation System and Pay Grade Scales (historical and current), Learning Management System, Performance Feedback Tool, Sales Results (Quotas), Time Tracking (PTO), amongst potentially other sources of data.

What’s required at speed-of-thought and with no degradation to other user’s performance, is a system being able to grab the masses of simple, single dimension transaction-centric details across a company (like promotions, learning, salary and PTO), and to then package and aggregate the right segment of data in a way that delivers an employee-centric view - with the added dimension of time.

A transactional system can’t deliver this.

If you'd value this type of people insight, but you'd have to move mountains to get it, then it's time to explore other options

Download our new infographic, 13 Key Considerations to deliver true people analytics. You may find a much better fit for your HR Reporting and People Analytics needs.


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