PeopleInsight | Insight Event - Toronto

Last week on August 22nd, we hosted our first Toronto-based PeopleInsight | Insight event. It was a great success. We gathered together a progressive group of HR Leaders to talk about workforce analytics and how this can be used to advance both HR and the business. The smart, lively and rich dialogue this generated has proven again that, workforce analytics is an engaging and important topic among HR Leaders.

A special thanks to Rachel Jacobson of QuickPlay Media and Adam Cooper of LoyaltyOne, two of our star clients who shared their journeys with workforce analytics so far.

Rachel Adam

Rachel shared how she is using analytics to gather support and accelerate a number of HR initiatives. Through insight and understanding gained from applying robust analytics to the people-data, Rachel has been able to make the case more quickly and credibly for implementing both a performance management program and a formal engagement survey.

In addition, Rachel explained how after showing the Executive some of the data through PeopleInsight, the finance team wanted to know if they could also leverage the rich analytics and powerful visualizations of PeopleInsight in the area of finance. The idea that other areas of the business are looking to HR as a leader in the area of analytics generated a great deal of discussion and enthusiasm at our event. As one of our attendees said to Rachel “You must be all high-fiving each other in HR. To have the CFO come to you and ask for a piece of your analytics solution is huge.” We agree -we think this is great and want others to have the same experience!

Adam Cooper of LoyaltyOne shared his story with analytics and the ways it is being used in Talent Acquisition and broader HR. Adam has been using PeopleInsight for just over 6 months and took us through his journey of starting with basic recruiting data, then connecting recruiting data to first year outcomes such as Turnover and Performance. Adam has been on a course of continual evolution with PeopleInsight. He has created Recruiter Scorecards which are being well-received by both recruiters themselves (who have a competitive spirit and like to see their performance comparatively) and Executives. He is also forging ahead in the areas of Quality of Hire, by introducing New Hire surveys that are automatically generated from within PeopleInsight at the 30 and 90 day mark.

A key for Adam is how PeopleInsight has enabled him to change his approach to communicating with his team and the Executive. He now has the means to engage his audiences with relevant and to-the-point information. The use of visuals rather than text and tables on powerpoint slides has been illuminating to both Adam and the Executive. No longer are reports sent out in the hopes that they will be read and understood. Adam now knows that by sending a number of key PeopleInsight visuals with specific and meaningful information, his message is getting through.

In addition to Adam and Rachel’s fantastic contributions, we relaxed, enjoyed food and drink, and connected with friends – new and old. Thanks to everyone who made it out - and to those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at the next one!

We’re looking forward to our next event and to continuing the conversation.

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