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Every recruitment team needs visibility into the state of recruitment (what’s working, what’s not, where to invest attention and budget) and a reporting and analytics system in place that responds to changing business needs.

While this is the reality, many teams continue to flounder or are in a stalled state with their analytics and reporting. This is because many have adopted a wait-and-see strategy - trying to assess whether the current mix of systems and spreadsheet gurus can deliver what is needed.  

It’s a logical approach and one many of our current customers took in the past. However, each one of those customers will tell you the same thing - don’t waste your time, you simply won’t get there relying on your current systems and that mess of spreadsheets.

Even if you do have a team dedicated to data preparation, adept at manually manipulating spreadsheets, and skilled at pulling together reports, there are better things they could be doing with their time to support you.  

Have a look at this infographic - we compare where your ATS reporting can get you and where you can go with a talent acquisition or recruiting analytics partner.



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