Summer is THE perfect time to get started with workforce analytics - 2 reasons you can't deny

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If you’re like most HR Leaders workforce analytics is on the agenda and it’s one of your priorities – if not at this exact moment, then in the coming months. You may not believe it but summer is the perfect time to get started with your workforce analytics solution. I can hear you asking ‘why on earth would I want to tackle something new in the summer months?’. Well, there are 2 solid reasons why SUMMER is the time…

  1. Free yourself from the challenges of disconnected data and spreadsheet frustration once and for all. What’s that saying ‘don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today’? Up until now you’ve likely been dealing with disconnected data sitting in a variety of systems and spreadsheets. Trying to bring data together in a meaningful way comes with a huge draw on both time and resources. And any time there are questions raised the result is a frustrating process of building and re-building spreadsheets. Add to this that there can be challenges with the integrity of the data when dealing with multiple and complex spreadsheets. It’s time to deal with this once and for all. Take advantage of the summer months, carve out a bit of time, and we promise you’ll reap the rewards for the long haul. And today, you don’t need a lot of up-front investment to get started – there are solutions that can have you up and running with robust workforce analytics in days. So… think about it… how great will it feel to eliminate these challenges? You’ll free up time and resources for more value-add activities.  Plus, if you don’t take advantage and act now, you’ll undoubtedly end up having to push this to the backburner yet again to take care of other things. Then you’re dealing with that nasty snowball effect and you find yourself too busy to get started with workforce analytics even though you know it’s the pathway to saving you time, saving you effort and providing you deep insight into the workforce. But really...who needs a snowball in the summer...? Avoid that altogether and get started now.    
  1. Gear up for the busy fall months and your planning and strategy sessions with timely and targeted insight into your people and business data. For me, this is the strongest argument for getting started with workforce analytics over the summer. Spending a little bit of time now can set you up nicely for the fall when things are typically busy, time-pressured and, well, sometimes stressful. Just imagine heading into your fall workforce planning and strategy sessions armed with fresh insight that is evidence-based. You’ll be able to make data-driven decisions around headcount budgets, turnover, promotions, compensation, recruitment and more. You’ll walk into these sessions with data-driven insights that matter to the business, and you’ll be speaking the language of the executives. Imagine heading into workforce planning sessions with a solid view on headcount and turnover trends over the past year, an accurate and up-to-date picture of where you are today, an evidence-based view on what is to come, and a plan for how to handle it. Not only that, but you can present this information in a way that is engaging, with attractive and easy to digest visuals that tell the story at a glance. Think about it… with a workforce analytics solution in place, you can stroll into the fall prepared, confident and ready to contribute like never before.

This summer take a permanent vacation from disconnected data and spreadsheets. Don’t wait until things ramp up again in the fall – start now so you have the data and insights you need to feed into your planning and strategy activities. Resolve to do your research, investigate the options, find a partner and get started with workforce analytics this summer. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get started and how much you’ll immediately gain from fresh and timely insight into your people and business data. You’ll be thanking us for the push…


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