The People Analytics and Future of Work (PAFOW) Podcast with Al and John


PeopleInsight CEO and Co-Founder John Pensom was a guest in the People Analytics and Future of Work (PAFOW) Podcast with one of the key influencers in the people analytics space - Al Adamsen.

John and Al discussed various topics in the people analytics space.Here are the topics they discussed; 

  1. Similarities between HR Tech, people analytics & booking an online flight.
  2. APIs are ineffective for People Analytics
  3. The complexity of HR data
  4. The many layers of a people analytics platform 
  5. The universal issue of HR data
  6. Evolution of people analytics
  7. HR Leadership Liability
  8. Pragmatic Message for Getting Started
  9. The ROI of a People Analytics PurePlay

Listen to our full 30-minute conversation below. 

About Al Adamsen and PAFOW

Al's been doing data driven HR since the 1990s and has made a name for himself as an expert practitioner, speaker and founder of the global authority across the people analytics industry today - the PAFOW network.

He leads this community with David Green (@david_green_uk) who is undoubtedly the most voracious educator in the people analytics space today.

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Full length Pafow podcast


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