The PeopleInsight Daily Demo - 5Mins@Noon

We all know that seeing is believing, and in the oh-so-frequent-smoke-in-mirrors-world-of-technology, this old adage stands its ground.

I love showing-off what we do because I'm so proud of our business, and it's really hard to build a people analytics solution to any level of sophistication - let alone a commercially viable, software-as-a-service platform which delivers people analytics for some of the best companies and brands in the world. Literally.

For this reason, we've set ourselves a super-stretch goal:

  • Engage every single HR Professional in North America to spend 5 minutes with us so we can, ahem, show(-off) what we do

And according to our awesome customer, DiscoverOrg, they track that number to be almost 500,000 HR Professionals.

Sounds reasonable for a 2020 objective, don't you think? 

I therefore invite you (ALL) to spend 5 Minutes with us on any day of the week (M-F) at High Noon (ET, CT, MT & PT) for a super-quick, super-easy and super-exciting Daily Demo of PeopleInsight. 

No pressure selling (as if that's our style), no awkward questions like "what do you think of that dashboard?", just a tight little demo.

It may very well change your path in the work you do because as my good friend Mike Saltzman from Splunk told me once, "PeopleInsight is the solution we've been looking for but never knew existed".

So sign up by clicking below on the image and time zone that suits you best and be one of the first 100,000 HR Pros to attend :)

We love you too.

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