The Big Buzz on Big Data & HR

You may have been hearing the buzz lately from a CBC article on the advancement of analytics in HR. You've read the soundbites - but now you can read the real in-depth stories of both leading companies mentioned in the piece. Both LoyaltyOne and JOEY Restaurant Group are using PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics.

Explore this Research Bulletin from Bersin by Deloitte to learn how JOEY Restaurant Group accelerated their talent analytics capabilities.  

The Big Buzz on Big Data & HR

"What feels right will always be the cornerstone of our decision making. However, having powerful data to challenge and support our gut helps ensure we are making the best decision. PeopleInsight operates as a strategic thinking partner in unleashing the gold within the data that is right under your nose."

Andrew Martin

Vice President, Human Resources, JOEY Restaurant Group


For more on how JOEY Restaurant Group pulled together the standalone data sources that related to people performance, read their success story.

The other well-known company using workforce analytics mentioned in the article, LoyaltyOne, owner of AIR MILES, demonstrate how analytics are being used to drive retention and recruitment activities in this success story.

The Big Buzz on Big Data & HR

"PeopleInsight is helping transform the way HR connects to the business. By equipping us with meaningful analytics and insights across a range of talent areas, we've gained credibility and influence with leaders."

Diane Dowsett

Associate Vice President, Talent Management, LoyaltyOne

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 Document - Putting Workforce Analytics to Work - Objectives and Outcomes

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