Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa – Casual Discussions on Workforce Analytics

Building upon our great event in Calgary last week (hosted with our partners JFive and Hanna Consulting Group), we hosted our Connect. Share. Insight. Enjoy. event at our Ottawa office yesterday afternoon which was part community, part social (we like that!!), and part interactive discussion on one of today’s hottest topics in business and HR – big data and specifically, workforce analytics.


Thanks so much to Sylvie Sarault from The National Gallery, and to Nancy Crain and Janice Cooney from The Canadian Medical Association for telling their stories on how workforce analytics is helping them and their organizations make better business decisions. Thanks to all who attended for making the dialogue rich.

Our next event (date and details to be confirmed v soon) is in Toronto and will be the same theme and interactive discussion with some of our clients who are at various stages of their workforce analytics journey.

We will be hosting these events every 2-3 months in Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto – and we would love to build that extended community of like-minded individuals. Please connect with me if you would like to be invited, and don’t forget to bring a friend!

Thanks again Calgary and Ottawa. Toronto, see you soon!

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