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The Turnover Treemap helps your HR team to quickly identify turnover hotspots - and is supercharged with "slice and dice" capabilities so you can drill into any permutation of turnover you desire. 

This enables HR to rapidly find issue areas (hotspots), immediately quantify the relative size of the issue, and build a focused strategy to combat the problem area. 

HR analysts or managers will be able to analyze and assess what's happening, then provide recommendations - creating deeper conversations and highly targeted, actionable insight.

The Turnover Treemap allows you to find any key issues from different population groups. In the treemap, there are two factors, the size of the box representing the size of the population group and the color determined by turnover rate (red = high rate). With this, it provides HR on what areas they should focus on when it comes to improving the turnover rate. It’s best to focus on the bigger boxes with a high rate because it creates a higher impact on the turnover rate. 

The Turnover Treemap helps you build a strategy and where to focus first. 

As an example scenario, a company has determined that they see an unhealthy trend with high turnover and how to find ways to increase retention within the company. This is where an analyst can use the treemap to explore and understand which groups in the organizations where they see a hot button trend - and segment that down by an endless array of dimensions. From there you can be laser-focused, and discuss with the HR team how to best validate and address these concerns.

The Turnover Treemap is one of Mattamy Homes' go-to dashboards. Along with other dashboards, it has been a time saver for them and allows them to create audience-specific views with targeted information. They are able to communicate the metrics that the different parts of the business need to drive decisions and outcomes. See Mattamy Homes' story and more here. 

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