Using Workforce Analytics at the National Gallery of Canada

On Wednesday October 9th, we were extremely fortunate at PeopleInsight to host a webinar featuring Sylvie Sarault, Director of HR at the National Gallery of Canada. Sylvie took us through her journey with workforce analytics – from her start with the organization to today, one year later.

We learned how Sylvie and her team have migrated from spending time in the weeds of excel, trying to pull data and make connections across separate systems, to focusing their energy on understanding business issues highlighted by the data and working to resolve them. Sylvie showed us first-hand how she’s using PeopleInsight – the analytics and the visualizations - to understand and communicate HR data that was previously untapped. With the help of robust workforce analytics, Sylvie and her team are now driving business change.

Spoiler alert: this HR group has successfully engaged the Executive and the Board and they are making a real difference in the organization.

If you missed the webinar on Wednesday, it’s not too late. Click here to hear/see Sylvie’s story or click the image below to hear Sylvie talk about starting out with PeopleInsight. 



 Thanks again to Sylvie for sharing!

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