Welcome to PeopleInsight

At PeopleInsight we talk a lot about elevation. It's core to what we do. In fact, our mission is to bring elevation to HR. We use workforce analytics and insight to help HR professionals elevate their understanding, voice and influence – all with the goal of elevating people and organizational performance.

Lofty ambitions?

We don't think so - we know it's achievable and so do our clients.

For us, it starts by quickly empowering HR with the insight and understanding that stems from the integration and stand-out visualization of people and business data. And when we say quickly, we mean transforming our clients raw data into meaningful insights in hours or days - not weeks, months or years.

We firmly believe that gaining access to your people data, and insight from it, should be as quick and seamless as possible - in a matter of days you should be up and running, understanding and feeding decision making without the burden of having to develop a complex business case.

We all know that numbers don't always tell the full story, that's why we execute qualitative dives when we need to, and get at the heart of the employee experience. Bringing the two perspectives together – analytics and qualitative - drives enlightened decision-making and action that results in elevated people and business performance. This is PeopleInsight.

So that's our mission, but what’s the plan for this blog? Our intention is to use this space to engage with like-minded HR professionals - to contribute ideas, thoughts, solutions and to collaborate on topics of interest, issue and intrigue at the intersection of people and business performance. We hope you'll join in.

These days there are lots of sites, blogs and articles about workforce issues and analytics, this we know. So what makes PeopleInsight worth tuning into? Well for one thing, we’re more than just an analytics company. We know that you need more than just tools, technical solutions and numbers to take action – you need insight and understanding. We hope you’ll join us as we elevate the conversation about HR and business challenges and solutions. We're in this together.

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