Workforce Analytics: What, Why, How and When?

Want to get a jump start on 2014 and your quest to better understand and communicate key workforce and business insight? Get started by listening to John Pensom, CEO of PeopleInsight in an informative webinar Workforce Analytics: What, Why, How and When? In this webinar John tells the story of workforce analytics and explains why every HR professional should have this on their to-do list now and in the coming months.

In this webinar John illustrates the business value for workforce analytics. John encourages HR professionals to commit to making the transition from focusing on metrics related to HR processes and transactions to a more meaningful focus on the people side of business outcomes. With examples from companies using workforce analytics to up their HR game, John demonstrates how simply getting started is a step towards creating and sustaining competitive advantage.

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Workforce Analytics: What, Why, How and When?


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