You’d be crazy to build an HR Data Warehouse


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My opinion is you’d be crazy to build an HR Data Warehouse. Even though many companies NEED an HR Data Warehouse - why would you ever build one in-house?

Download my White Paper point of view on why it’s incredibly difficult to be successful at an in-house build. And if you’re running Workday, here’s a version specially for you :).

HR Data Warehousing unlocks the ability to mine, discover and generate actionable insight from your disconnected HR, talent and productivity data. But getting there is highly complex given the nuances of effective-dated employee data and dearth of skills and experience in HR data warehousing.

If a company does embark on an in-house build of an HR Data Warehouse, the likelihood for success is very low, HR never really gets what they are truly looking for - one-time or ongoing, and the whole saga is tantamount to a first-time build gone bad - never to be done again.

If HR Data Warehousing were easy, every company would have one.

We’ve been there, done that and built our entire business around our main asset - an incredibly powerful HR-specific data warehouse which is now the backbone of HR Reporting and People Analytics in amazing companies like Mercedes-Benz North America, Splunk and Stryker.

  • Don’t embark on an HRDW project.
  • Don’t suppress your needs for better HR Reporting and People Analytics.
  • Don’t be hoodwinked by transactional HR Tech sales reps telling you their solution has analytics “embedded”.
  • We’ve built our HRDW to share. Simply use ours.

PeopleInsight, the People Analytics Pureplay, is a GDPR compliant, cloud-based HR analytics platform built to integrate all your disparate HR & talent data, and deliver end-to-end HR reporting and people analytics.

No more spreadsheets, System Administrators or BI Developers. Just feed us your raw, disconnected HR data and we do the rest.

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